6. Ayo Cafe

I like the cozy and homy vibe of this cafe. They are famous for their Spanish-style bangus and orange ribs. One of the interesting displays inside the restaurant is Anjanette Cabansag's (the owner) collection of Coke stuff.

Ayo Cafe Menu
Entree, Salad, Omelets, Pasta, Main Meals, and Hot Coffee and Tea
Waffles, Desserts, Shakes and Smoothies, Fruit Juices, Lemon Lime, Nature Chillers, Coke and Pepsi, Beer

Spanish Style Bangus (P130). Brings back memories of the spanish style sardines I used to love when I was a child.

Assorted Cheese Wraps (P60). Simple with a nice presentation.

Anjanette Cabansag's Coca Cola Collection. I wonder if this is also part of Coke's campaign to paint the town red like in most sari-sari-store in the city.

Ayo Cafe
#5 JCO Arcade Apitong Road, Tacloban City
(+63 53) 325-4461

7. Guiseppe's Italian Restaurant

For 16 years, Guiseppe is the best italian restaurant in Tacloban. Joseph (Guiseppe in italian) Bonavitacola married a filipina and decided to establish a family in Tacloban. Taclobanons would go to Guiseppe for special occasions and celebrations. They are famous for their steaks and pizzas. For Manila tourists, people would come here if they don't know where else to eat in Tacloban. Guiseppe is to Tacloban as Sutokil is to Cebu. The food is really good but why would you want to eat in a Manila-style restaurant when you are in the province.

Antipasta, Pasta, and Beef | Pizza, Desserts, Shakes and Beverages | Seafood, Pork, Chicken, Vegetable and Filipino Specialty

Pizza All Toppings (P185) served on thin crunchy crust.

Steak with garlic and herbs

Joseph Bonavitacola's Guiseppe's Restaurant
173 Avenida Veteranos
Tacloban City, Leyte

Telephone: +63 53- 321-4910 or 327-0832
Mobile: +63 917 3060122
Email: [email protected]

8. Jose Karlos Cafe

Jose Karlos is the best and original Filipino designed cafe in the Philippines. This is better than any of the Filipino cafes I have seen (like Kape Isla, Bo's Coffee, etc.) in Metro Manila. Starbucks would look like an ordinary chain of coffee stores compared to Jose Karlos. I would like to commend the owner for a job well done with this cafe.

Jose Karlos Coffee Menu: Expresso, Brewed Coffee, Iced Expresso Beverage, Froccino, Chocolato, Tea, Fruit Chills, Pancakes and Waffle Special, Sandwiches.

It is nice to hang out here instead of Gloria Jeans or Bo's Coffee. In fact, the only edge of those other coffee shops is the free WIFI they offer. For Jose Karlos, I don't understand why they prefer to have an internet cafe and decided not to offer Free Wifi. Most local tourist these days are looking for FREE Wifi spot and I do hope they can offer this service.

The ambiance feels like you are just hanging out with your college friends at home.

Jose Karlos Cafe
in Front of Santo Nino Church

9. Calle Zaragosa Cafe

Calle Z is one of the best local hangout place in Tacloban. The restaurant is known for their bulalo. Gerry Ruiz, the owner, is a respected photographer and Tacloban Blogger (blogging at gerryruiz.wordpress.com).

Calle Z's d Chief Cook Menu
From the Grill, Chicken, Beef, Rice, Noodles, Seafood, Pork and Snacks
Pulutan! From the grill, seafoods, beef/pork, atbp, drinks.

I prefer to dine out al fresco and here you can see the slice of the Tacloban gimmick life.

Calle Zaragoza Cafe
Telephone: +63 53 325-8582 or 321-3197
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.callezaragosa.com

10. Local Favorites

Timo Romano's Lechon. Don't miss to eat the Tacloban version of Lechon. It is similar to Cebu's CNT lechon where you don't need sauce anymore to enjoy it.

In Tacloban, the lechon is usually eaten with gaway (gabi).

Tacloban's lechon is served best with vinegar and lots of garlic.

Nestor Lechon Manok (+63 53 325 7957) is Tacloban's version of Andok's.

If you are looking for a local fast food, you should try Tops of the World. They are famous for their pinangat.

If you are craving for Kare-Kare, try out Ritz tower's Tacloban version.

Tacloban Royal Seafood is famous for their chami pansit.

Fresh Seafood in Yolanda's Seafood. Yolanda's is near the airport so most tourist would stop by to eat seafood in an authentic provincial hut ambiance before boarding their flight.

Bibingka in T. Claudio. I missed this during my trip. The Bibingka in T.Claudio is still cooked pugon-style and they only open at 1pm in the afternoon.

Did I miss anything in Tacloban?