Last Weekend, I got bitten by the PSI Philosophy bug.

PSI stands for People Synergistically Involved (PSI) Leadership Success Seminar. “The seminar is based on the fundamental principle that each individual possesses unlimited untapped potential. Unlocking this allows a person to achieve greater results and abundance. What hinder us from achieving what we want are self-limiting beliefs about who we are and what we can do. These act as barriers between our goals and us. The PSI Leadership Success Seminar provides the opportunity for us to examine these beliefs as well as experience new ways to overcome them.”

I know that it is a bit vague and that was my first reaction too. At first, I don’t understand why I need to pay P10,080 for leadership principles and strategies that I thought I already learned in P&G. I was dead wrong. The 4-day PSI Basic seminar blew my mind away and woke me up from my degrading and doomed life. I became aware of what life is all about and how to live life to its fullest.

So what is PSI Basic Course all about?
– It is a lesson about life and provides a formula for achieving peace of mind.
– It simplifies complex ideas into basic guiding principles through experiential learning environment.
– It is based on universal Christian values and the Laws of Attraction and Fairness.

I cannot share beyond this point because we have an agreement on confidentiality. Majority of the seminar is based on experiential exercises and heart-felt sharing from the participants. I would like to respect that confidentiality because if I share some of the concepts, it might be taken out of context.

Thanks to Kokoy Reonisto for waking me up from my doomed life. Keep up the great work!!

How much will you pay for peace of mind? How much will you pay for getting the secrets to a life of abundance and wealth?

Thank you to the PSI Family for the warm welcome! My journey to a life of wealth and abundance starts now.

I am a proud member of PSI Basic Batch 222! Thank you to Ka Edong for inviting me to this life changing seminar.

If you would like to attend, the next batch is on:

PSI Leadership Success Batch 223: August 7-10, 2008
August 7, Thursday – 6pm to 12mn
August 8, Friday – 6pm to 12mn
August 9, Saturday – 9am to 7pm
August 10, Sunday – 9am to 8pm

PSI Leadership Success Website
Purposeful Stewardship InstituteUnit 604 Metropolitan Terraces, Metropolitan Ave., Makati City
Mobile: +63 (918) 578 5981Mobile: +63 (927) 221 2460


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

PS. Congratulations to Ateneo for winning last Sunday’s game against La Salle! Babawi kami sa second round.