Instead of complaining about how the prices of gasoline are continuing to go up, we need to adapt to the situation and be more efficient with our fuel consumption. I would like to share with you some strategies that we started to do:

1. Keep a Fuel Mileage Log.
We now keep a log of the distance (in kms) from our house to any of the destinations we go to. Then we keep track of the car's mileage in between fuel refills. We make sure that we go to the same gasoline station, the same gasoline pump and stick to the automatic stop. In this way, we are able to track the most efficient way to go to one place. For example, from De La Salle University in Malate to Serendra Fort Area, there are two ways to get there. One is via buendia and the other one via Villamor Gate 3. The latter route is 13.5kms versus the former route which is 9.5kms only.

2. Avoid Traffic!
To minimize fuel consumption, we need to apply constant gas pressure when driving. We have to avoid changing lanes or halting to an abrupt stop. One technique is to let the car roll to a stop just right before hitting the car in front of you. Another strategy is to wake up one hour earlier or to go home later at night to avoid traffic.

3. Use the most cost efficient fuel.
I need your help here. I wanted to know based on your experience, what is the most cost efficient fuel brand in Manila? Earl, one of OAP's friends, asked me this question via email and I don't know. Hopefully with the Fuel Economy Survey below, we can have an objective answer.

(Fuel Brand, Gasoline Octane Rating, Price as of July 19, Saturday)

Petron Unleaded 93 (P60.61)

Petron XCS 95 (P61.28)

Petron Blaze 96 (P62.01)

Caltex Gold with Techron 95 (P61.28

Caltex Silver with Techron 93 (P60.57)

Shell Super Unleaded 93 (P60.57)

Shell Super Premium 93 (P61.06)

Shell V-Power 95 (P62.35)

Shell Diesoline Ultra (P58.98)

Petron Diesel Max (P59.03)

Caltex Power Diesel (P59.03)