Update 4/17/12: This restaurant is now closed and replaced by Chuck’s Deli.

The newest kid on the Serendra block is the Healthy Kitchen restaurant in between Cafe Via Mare and Guava. Most restaurants in this Serendra driveway area facing Market Market are struggling and they only survive because of the weekend crowd. Healthy Kitchen’s formula for success is providing yummy healthy food + nice homy ambiance + FREE wifi. They have an extensive selection of salad, innovative healthy appetizers, signature brown rice toppings, healthy burgers and satisfying whole wheat pasta assortment. If you love tofu, they serve Tofu Sisig, Tofu Steak Salad or Tofu Adobo Brown Rice. The only downside with Healthy Kitchen is that the main dishes cost around P200-P300.

I love the entire concept of Healthy Kitchen including the FREE wifi! We sincerely hope that more people will patronize Healthy Kitchen.

Healthy Kitchen Menu Cover | Appetizers and Salads | Whole Wheat Pizza, Whole Pizza Pasta, and Wraps, Sandwiches and Burgers | Brown Rice and Beverages

Lory Petry-Tydingco owns the successful chain of Brown Bag restaurants in Guam. She first opened Brown Bag in Eastwood but it was not successful because the term Brown Bag is an American concept that was lost in translation in Manila. She opened Healthy Kitchen less than a few weeks ago in Serendra. You would often see Lory in the restaurant. She would always strike up a conversation after you finish your meal to get feedback and suggestions.

Edamame Pate (P130). A flavorful pate made primarily with soy bean pods. Served with red and blue corn tortilla chips.

Replace your creamy dips with this soy beans pate. They have a way of making ordinary healthy food like this taste and look great. It was surprisingly small and how I wish that they could add more chips into the serving.

Lory’s Pizza (P250). Lory created this pizza for herself one day and everyone started ordering it and calling it Lory’s Pizza. Made with turkey bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes in an alfredo sauce and topped with organic fresh mozzarella. Really good!

We fell in love with Lory’s whole wheat pizza and it was served in thin crispy crust. The turkey bacon was the key factor in providing the texture and yummy taste to this pizza.

I’m not sure if the servings in Healthy Kitchen are intentionally small so that you don’t over-eat or it is small because the healthy ingredients used are expensive.

Salmon Blueberry Brown Rice (P320). Salmon, assorted veggies, blueberry raisins fried into organic brown rice.

This is one of their brown rice best sellers. I liked the different layers of taste because of the different complimentary ingredients. I also liked the orange slices that were included in the meal. If you are on a budget, try the Tofu Adobo Brown Rice for only P165.

The Healthy Kitchen “Eat Good, Feel Good!”
Lory Petry-Tydingco
141 C, Serendra Place,
Bonifacio High Street, Global City, Taguig
Telephone: +632 900-6514
[email protected]


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.