Good Morning, Manila!

David’s Pure Frozen Yogurt from the Salcedo Market is generating a lot of buzz lately. After 4 weeks of continuous product sampling in the Salcedo Market, Froyo’s is definitely a winner. Let me share with you a bit of trivia about it:

These Froyos are flavored fresh yogurt. They are indeed made from 100% fresh yogurt. No Refined Sugar. Nothing Artificial. Just Fresh Yogurt and another flavor. Don’t expect to get a plain yogurt flavor because it would be a bit sour. Most of the other frozen yogurt are made from powdered yogurt. My mom would love this!

Yogurt is made from New Zealand Milk. According to David, New Zealand milk is the best source for the yogurt. He makes it fresh and it is the secret to his highly raved about Froyo’s.

My favorite flavors are Dutch Chocolate and Vanilla. The Dutch Chocolate is an adult flavor that gives an intense dark chocolate taste. (I think he uses champorado, don’t you think?). Vanilla is a favorite because the taste is clean and refreshing. Aidan loves the vanilla flavor. The other flavors are Mango Blast (made with fresh mangoes), Mud Slide (coffee & chocolate with fudge & walnuts), Coffee and Coffee Strawberry.

Froyo’s is named after the popular American term for Frozen Yogurt. Why not name your product with how college students call Frozen Yogurt? It is indeed clever.

David’s healthy stuff is popular in a Waldorf school. The buzz is David sells healthy products in a Waldorf school. Every meal time, his stuff gets wiped out by the kids. When he decided to apply in Salcedo Market, the waiting list was long. The organizers gave him a break on the waiting list and asked him to bring his cart around the Salcedo Market to see how his product will go.

David is opening a Dessert Bar in Arama, Serendra. Arama is the new name of Chcocolate de Batirol in Serendra (besides Larry’s Bar). They got the first franchise and I’m excited that I can get my healthy dose of Froyo’s in Serendra. I do hope they open next weekend.

Froyo’s are sold in 3 sizes. 140 gms single serving at P65 , a pint(475 gms) at P190 and 1/2 gallon (1.9 kilos) at P650. To order call Dave +63 918 614-7479 or Rob +63927-263-9198. They also sell Rice Cremes made from organic rice.

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.