First 100 Buyers of West Side Story Tickets from OAP get a FREE copy of the book "What You Should Know About Diabetes."

In celebration of the Diabetes Awareness Week (July 14-20, 2008) in the Philippines, Our Awesome Planet in cooperation with Ampalaya Plus will be giving out 100 copies of the book "What You Should Know About Diabetes". We will give out the book to the first 100 buyers of West Side Story Tickets from OAP.

The book is written by doctors from UP College of Medicine It is written in very simple and easy to understand English and Tagalog. The book is geared towards educating the patient and the caregiver (from the patients relatives to their househelp). The book also includes a sample meal plan that is easy to follow.

I personally know of some bloggers and food writers who are diabetic. I'm very concerned about this as well and I want to contribute to the awareness of this disease in the blogosphere. Maybe you also have some tips on how to battle this disease.

Why should we care about Diabetes?

  • There is no denying that diabetes is a growing problem with an ever increasing number of diabetic being diagnosed of the condition at an alarmingly young age.

  • There is no cure for diabetes. The best way to control diabetes is by changing one's lifestyle. The way we live plays a strong part in determining how early the condition sets in and how fast the condition progresses. Most doctors agree that the best approach to diabetes would be diet and exercise. Medication is prescribed when the blood sugar level remains uncontrollable or if the patient admits being unable to comply to the diet and regular exercise.
  • There is a new label called Pre-Diabetic. This refers to those who are highly predisposed to diabetes either because of hereditary predisposition or because of the nature of their lifestyle (no execise, poor diet, stress, overweight, etc). Research shows that most Pre-Diabetic develop diabetes within 10-years from the time this condition is first recognized, UNLESS THE PATIENT SHIFTS TO A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE.

  • The Philippines is poised to join the ranks of the top 10 countries with the most number of diabetics.

For more information regarding the book please visit or email [email protected]

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