Mt. Denali Climb
Romi Garduce resting after the summit climb of Mt. Denali. Notice the ice formed on their neck bibs and googles.

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Congratulations to Romi Garduce for climbing Mt. Denali in North America!

Five Down and Two to go, Romi! We are proud of you and we will celebrate the Seven Summits in 2010!

PMt. Kilimanjaro, Africa (5,895 meters or 19,341 feet) – highest peak in Africa; Climbed September 2002
P Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina (6,962 meters or 22,841 feet) – highest peak in South America; Climbed January 2005.
P Mt. Everest, Nepal (8,848 meters or 29,029 feet) – highest mountain in the World; Climbed May 2006.
P Mt. Elbrus, Russia (5,642 meters or 18,510 feet) – highest peak in Europe; Climbed August 2007.

P Mt. McKinley or Denali (6,194 meters or 20,320 feet) – highest peak in North America; Climbed June 2008

Carstensz Pyramid (4,884 meters or 16,024 feet) in the Australian continent; To climb in 2009!

Vinzon Massif, Antartica (4,892 meters or 16,050 feet) in 2010!

Mt. Denali Climb
The Mt. Denali climb is dedicated for Romi’s tree-planting campaign to fight global warming (hence the snowman w/ seedling).


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.