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I must admit that the name of the restaurant is catchy but it has a negative connotation. Fluke (pronounced as flook), literally means a stroke of luck. It is usually used to describe a one-hit wonder or in Filipino, I guess the closest word I could think of is chamba. From a home-based Miniatures Bakeshop and catering service, the Palanca family decided to setup their first restaurant at the A.Venue Mall along Makati Avenue.

I liked their best sellers — Beef Salpicao, Three Cheese Lasagna and especially the mini-eclairs and mini-cream puffs. No doubt that this home-style cooking resto would be a hit and won’t be a fluke!


Fluke Soft Opening Menu:
All Day Breakfasts, Picas and Soups | Salads, Pasta, Beef, and Pork | Chicken, Seafood, Rice Bowls, and Snacks/Merienda | Drinks, Desserts, Others

Mushroom Soup (P85). For a resto who promises a home-style cooking, we were surprised to be served a Campbell’s mushroom soup with skyflakes. Fluke should create their own soup instead of serving something out of the can.

Beef Salpicao (P 230). Grilled beef cubes aged in our special homemade marinade.

The beef was tender, juicy and tasty. It is evident that the beef was chosen carefully and marinated for a few days. I now know why people keep coming back for this.

Three-Cheese Lasagna (P 280). A perfected recipe of layers or rich meat sauce, creamy white sauce, and a mixture of Mozzarella, Parmesan and Edam cheese in between layers of homemade pasta noodles.

Yummy and fatty came into my mind when I saw the lasagna floating in its own oily sauce and freshly baked layers of cheese. We can’t resist finishing this even though Rache finds it a bit salty to her taste.

This was the first time we heard of Miniatures bakeshop which is a home-based business. Their specialties are the mini version of the popular cakes and pastries. Have you heard of them before? What are the goodies you keep on ordering from them? I’d love to hear it from you too!

Cream Puffs (6 pcs). – (P55). I can’t believe that this only costs P9 per mini cream puff with caramelized sugar coating.

Eclairs (4pcs.) (P55). The eclairs are equally good and we made sure to bring some for Aidan as pasalubong.

Check them out at the center ground floor of A.Venue Mall.

A.Venue Mall, Makati Avenue
Santi Palanca
+632 728-0857


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.