***** June 13, 2007 Opening Night Update *****

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Carla’s performance was really something else on opening night. It is indeed like watching an entirely new show. We are glad to introduce the show to people who never watched it before. Every Filipino in Makati should be watching this world-class show. If US has Broadway in New York and Europe has West End in London, Asia has Manila as the capital of world-class musical theater shows. I am so proud of our theater guys!

The show only runs until June 22 Sunday. So don’t miss it! This is the finale run and you won’t see it in Manila ever again.

Here are the contact numbers where you can buy your tickets:
June 13 Friday 8pm Joelle Horca +63920-9010863
June 14 Saturday 2pm Lorna Lopez +63917-9256505
June 14 Saturday 8pm Joelle Horca +63920-9010863
June 15 Sunday 3pm Pamela Cruz +63906-3414545
June 15 Sunday 8pm Theody Demaisip +63920-9326067
June 17 Tuesday 8pm Women of Aleitheia +63915-9263965
June 18 Wednesday 8pm Alexandra Orosa +63917-8432252
June 19 Thursday 8pm Ticketworld +632 891-9999
June 20 Friday 8pm Ticketworld +632 891-9999
June 21 Saturday 2pm Jay Duran +63917-5366832
June 21 Saturday 8pm Lorna Lopez +63917-9256505
June 22 Sunday 3pm Theody Demaisip +63920-9326067
June 22 Sunday 8pm Mae Castro +63906-3414559

June 12, Original Post

Avenue Q: carla felix pic

Great Job, Carla! Most of the audience, who attended Avenue Q’s technical dress rehearsal last night, would agree that Atlantis made a great decision in selecting Carla Guevarra to play the leading female role, replacing Rachel Alejandro.

Carla did it! She was able to perform Kate Monster very well and delivered a seamless switching of character as Kate and Lucy T. Slut.

As I watched the show, I realized that she was more beautiful than Rachel Alejandro (my personal opinion). Carla was able to convincingly portray the seductiveness of Lucy The Slut better than Rachel. You shouldn’t miss this! You’ve got to watch the show to see how a puppet can be as seductive as a real female thru Carla’s right combination of voice and movement.

I also liked the pa-tweetums effect of Kate Monster and the romantic chemistry she had with Princeton. The courting scenes between Kate and Princeton were more alive than I remembered it from the previous Avenue Q shows I’ve watched.

Since it was a technical dress rehearsal, I could see Carla‘s nervousness at the start but her acting performance slowly transformed with confidence as the show went on. Towards the middle of the show, Carla got that puppet magic where you won’t notice her as a person anymore because she was able to mirror her facial expression through the puppet. At the end, you’ll just noticed that you were already watching the puppet’s act and forgot that Carla was even there.

I honestly thought that Rachel Alejandro’s performance as Kate Monster cannot be replaced but Carla elevated the sweet and seductive roles of Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut into a different level. Although, I must admit that Rachel’s version of “There’s A Fine, Fine Line…” cannot be matched and will forever be remembered to those who have watched Avenue Q several times.

I would commend Aiza Seguerra as she portrayed the role of Gary Coleman, Joel Trinidad as Trekkie Monster, and Frenchie Dy as Christmas Eve for their great performance. They have mastered it and are ready for their Singapore stint!

Thanks to Atlantis Productions and Lorna, the Bachelor Girl, for inviting me to this technical dress rehearsal! Lorna is selling tickets for the 21 June, Saturday, 8pm show of Avenue Q.

Avenue Q – The Farewell Run:

13-22 June 2008 at

Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza.

All tickets may be bought from Atlantis Productions (www.atlantisproductionsinc.com, 892-7078)

Ticketworld (www.ticketworld.com.ph, 891-9999).

Some Final Reminders and Tips for those watching Avenue Q on its Finale Run:

1. Casual Chic dress code. Wearing jeans is perfectly OK.

2. Given Carla‘s exceptional performance of Lucy T. Slut and the sex scene of Kate Monster, you might need to talk to your kids about the adult content of the show before it starts.

3. Parking at RCBC Plaza is P40 for 2 hours and visitor’s parking is on the Basement 5.

4. You can eat at Piquant, Kangaroo Jack (for free Wifi), located at the 3rd floor or Hexagon Lounge at 4th floor. There are a lot of fast food outlet in the third floor (Starbucks, Olivers, Subway, Mexicali, etc.) for those who only have a few minutes left before the show starts.

5. Show starts and ends on time with a 15-minute intermission in between sets.

6. After the intermission, there is a scene in the second act where they will ask the audience for donation for the Monterssori school. Be prepared to give money when they pass around the hat.

7. Throughout the entire show, you might be tempted to sing and dance but you have to control yourself and respect the people beside you.

8. Expect the show to end on or before 10:30pm. If you brought and parked your car at the RCBC parking lot, expect that there would be people traffic going to the basement via the elevator after the show.

9. Balcony and Orchestra Center seats are almost sold out in most of the shows but there are still available Orchestra Sides and Loge tickets. For last minute buyers, you can still buy tickets on the night of the show.

10. If you have friends who never watched it before, invite them to watch one of the awesome musical broadway show in the Philippines since The Rent days. They only have until this and next weekend to watch it before it goes to SIngapore. Matinee Show starts at 2pm while evening show starts at 8pm.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.