Bailon’s Piaya (P70 per pack of 10).

I love Piaya and I just learned this foodie secret from Manny. The Best Piaya in the Philippines is Bailon’s Piaya and it is available in Manila! It is crispy thin but airy. The thin coating of muzcovado inside is evenly spread out so that you get a taste of it in every bite. I love the toasty taste of sesame seeds with my piaya. It is crispy when you bite into it but it becomes chewy as you go along.

Small Fresh Lumpiang Ubod (P18 per piece). They also sell these yummy bite-sized lumpia for P18 per piece which would be great for potluck sessions. Remember to keep them refrigerated because it can spoil easily.

Big Lumpiang Ubod (P28 per piece). A bigger version of the lumpia.

Let me share with you this Piaya foodie find…

Just enter this unassuming Bailon’s carinderia. They don’t display the piaya and lumpia. You have to order in advance to get the freshest lumpia and piaya available.

Bailon Homemade Ilonggo Delicacies
1115 Rodriguez Avenue, Bangkal, Makati City
+632 843 6673 / 843 3721
+ 63 916- 751 9071
[email protected]

From SLEX Buendia, drive going to Magallanes. Don’t take the ramp to the bridge going to the Magallanes. Instead, take the road going under the bridge on the rightmost side. Turn right on Bonifacio street and turn right again on the first corner.This area in Bangkal is full of one way street so read the signs before making a turn. Bailon is located in front of the Fatima church.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.