Hooters World Pyro Night-5 Hooters World Pyro Night-10
I was amazed that the Canada’s World Pyro performance continued despite the heavy rains. The Genki umbrella was cool and we were able to use it as props for our shoot. My brother, Rommel was able to take a shot of the lightning above. He was experimenting on taking the fireworks with lightning.

Some additional tips for the World Pyro:
1. The WPO will continue rain or shine. It seems to be raining every Saturday night these days.
2. It is also very interesting to take World Pyro shots with lightning in the background.
3. For Genki umbrellas would be perfect for the World Pryo either to use it to watch the show or use it as props.

4. All the restaurants in the San Miguel by the Bay offer a very good view of the Pyro.
5. If you want to get a good parking spot in San Miguel by the Bay, better to go by 5pm to get a slot. By 6pm, it becomes very difficult to get a parking spot.

Hooters World Pyro Night-17
The rain stopped already before the 9pm performance. I was bored with the monochromatic performance of France.

Hooters World Pyro Night-15
We were not able to execute this properly but the idea was to have a Hooter Girl with a Genki umbrella in the foreground and World Pyro in the background.

Hooters World Pyro Night-1
We tried the super hot 911 wings while waiting for the fireworks. The wings still failed our expectation because it was not too hot at all and something is missing in the taste of its wings.

Hooters World Pyro Night-18
I was able to talk to Madel and Rhya about how they felt about the Hooter’s comments in this blog post: Hooters Philippines. I learned that most of them came from Fridays The Fort and some were just hired because there were limited people applying to be a Hooters girl. In 100 days, they will be evaluated and so expect to hopefully see new girls after that period.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.