The first question to ask in deciding where to stay is do you want to have electricity at night or do you want to experience living in the Batad Village with no electricity?  There are five inns located on the hill overlooking the Batad Village. They are Rita’s, Hillside Inn, Simon’s, Batad Pension and Ramon’s Homestay. All of them have electricity but the biggest inns are Hillside Inn and Simon’s Inn. Both of them can accommodate 50 guests at any time and they have a fantastic view of the Batad Village.

We stayed in Hillside Inn and I would recommend it because of the good service and good kitchen. The rooms in Batad would costs P150-P200 per person per night.

Saying Goodbye to Batad-11

Hillside Inn and Restaurant
Contact Person: Maya Addug
Mobile Number: +63 919-379 9599
Mobile Number: +63 905-769-9796

17 rooms.
Maximum of 50+ people.
Has electricity and good kitchen.
Common Bathrooms — separate toilet and bath rooms.
Has great and unobstructed view of Batad Village.

Saying Goodbye to Batad-15

Rita’s Mount View Inn and Restaurant
with Special Pizza and Chapati Bread

Mr. and Mrs. Romeo Nabannal
Batad, Banaue 3601 Ifugao, Philippines
Mobile Number: +63 910 842 3076

6 rooms
12 people maximum
Has a nice ifugao hut with ifugao antique collection

Exploring Batad-16

Ramon’s Homestay
Contact Number: +63 927 678 3932
Contact Number: +63 918 243 9827

You can stay in traditional Ifugao huts and learn about Ifugao Culture

Saying Goodbye to Batad-14

Simon’s Inn
Contact Person: Simon Illag
Mobile Number: +63 919 261-9566

16 rooms
48 people maximum.
Has a fantastic view of Batad Village.

Exploring Batad-10

Batad Pension and Restaurant
Contact Person: Gina or Florence
Mobile: +63 921 737 1745

8 rooms.
Maximum of 22 people.

The Village of Batad-14

Samson’s Homestay.
Inside the Batad Village.

Reserve via Batad Tourist Info
Mobile Number: +63 905 397 2317

The Village of Batad-13

Cristina Inn
Contact Person: John Amehna +63 906 977 3771

3 rooms.
12 people Maximum
In Batad Village.
No Electricity Available at night.

The Village of Batad-12

Foreigner’s Inn
Contact Person: David Chuccar

Reserve via Batad Tourist Info
Mobile Number: +63 905 397 2317

7 rooms
14 people maximum
In the middle of Batad Village.
No Electricity available at night.
The original inn popular to foreigners inside the village.

The Village of Batad-29

Waterfall Side Inn
Contact: Charlie Ognayon
via Batad Tourist Info
Mobile Number: +63 905 926 5423

3 rooms.
10 people maximum.
Near the Tapiya Falls.
No Electricity.