Purple Feet -4
Purple Feet is a restaurant that uses freestyle cooking. which is inside the Wine Depot in Makati. There are no visible signs that the Purple Feet restaurant is inside. Freestyle cooking is an interesting and unconventional concept. There is no menu except for a Food and Wine Pairing recommendation which changes every week. If you bring a date, you need to be confident enough to order. I like the concept but you should know how to get the best of freestyle cooking. I’ll share with you some of my tips (please do share your own tips when ordering in Purple Feet).

Tips when ordering Freestyle:

1. Freestyle cooking works best if all the ingredients are fresh. Begin by asking what are the fresh catch of the day or what are the freshest ingredients available. If needed, please specify that you don’t like frozen ingredients to be part of your meal.

2. Decide if you like seafood, meat or chicken. You can also specify your food restrictions like, if you want to be healthy, on a particular diet, or a vegetarian. Ostrich and rabbit meat are also available in the menu should you prefer it.

3. Freestyle cooking is an art. Artists work best if you give them an end result rather than specify the nitty gritty details. Here are some of the words you can use to describe how you want your food to be prepared, cooked, and served:

Feed me, I’m hungry.
Chef Marco, Surprise me!
I want my food to be exotic.
Romantic. I want to fall in love with the food.

The trick is to challenge Chef Marco! Be creative with your descriptions of what you want your food to be. Expect to pay about P1,000 to have a very good meal.

4. Pair it with Wine. I would like to experiment with wine and food pairing one of these days. I’m not an expert on wine (not yet at least) so you can ask them for recommendations. They pride themselves of their motto: ” Our Wine List is Our Wine Shop”! Remember, rules on wine like meat should go with red and fish should go with white wine are already old. These days, just go with what you like.

5. Pat the Chef on the back for a job well done. If you like your food, give a generous tip or simply give a compliment to the chef. If not, please give a constructive feedback so that they can improve.

Purple Feet -5
It may be awkward to stand in front of the chalkboard menu. Check out Purple Feet before you go with your date so you’ll know what to get. The cost of the meal is based on the ingredients that you choose.
Purple Feet Menu
Wine by the Glass Reds and Whites
Food and Wine Pairing Menu (Changes Weekly)
Vittorio Expresso and Beverages

Purple Feet -13
Prepare a budget of P1,000 / head when you eat in Purple Feet. I prefer to eat inside.

Purple Feet -12
Outside is actually more romantic during the cold season…

Purple Feet -6
Stuffed Mushroom (P300+) in Red Sauce. Expensive and it was overcooked.
1 L Santa Vittoria Water. P80. They only serve this kind of water.

Purple Feet -7
Rache ordered Lengua in Red Sauce and so she got this boring meal of Lengua in tomato sauce and vegetables. We did not like this dish because the lengua needs to be cooked longer to absorb the taste of the sauce.

Purple Feet -8
Pam ordered Stuffed chicken with white sauce (I think). She got a disappointing meal of Chicken Stuff with Prawns & Scallop and Seafood Sauce. The sauce was very good but the prawns and scallops were frozen.

Purple Feet -9
I ordered Cobbler with Prawns and described to Chef Marco that I wanted my food to be exotic. What I got is Cobbler stuff with prawns, creamy havarty, cheddar and foie gras sauce on the side. It was served in a chopping board decorated with spices.

Purple Feet -10
Aidan tasted it first and he totally loved the Foie Gras sauce. We had to agree and I love Chef Marco for my food that night 🙂

Purple Feet -11
Aidan kept on running around Wine Depot because he thought it was a supermarket. We were very nervous that he might hit those boxes of wine.

Purple Feet -3

Chef Marco Legasto at Purple Feet
#217 Nicanor Garcia (formerly Reposo St.)
Bel-Air, Makati City
Telephone: +632 897-3220, +632 897 8167
Email: [email protected]