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1. The original Pepper Lunch is definitely better than the pinoy copycat version, Sizzling Pepper Steak in Trinoma. The Japanese rice used in Pepper Lunch is consistently yummy. I learned that Pepper Lunch uses a patented Rice Robot to wash and measure the rice and the amount of water (talk about Japanese geek technology) to attain consistency on the rice to be served. Also, their cast iron plate is heated up to a 270 degrees centigrade to cook the meat instantly and retain its heat when it is delivered to your table. I remember that Sizzling Pepper Steak plates are not as hot as the Pepper Lunch ones.

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2. Pepper Lunch in Rockwell will open on May 16, Friday! Yeah, the long wait is over! Currently, they are on a tasting preview for immediate family, close friends and Chuvaness’ blogger friends within the week. Don’t be surprised if you see this boarded Pepper Lunch outlet in Rockwell with some people entering it. You need to know the secret password to enter if you want to try it before Friday.

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a sneak peak inside the interiors of Pepper Lunch in Rockwell…

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3. The Pepper Lunch Philippines is 30% cheaper than Pepper Lunch in Singapore. The pricing for Pepper Lunch in the Philippines is lower than Singapore but similar to the prices in Thailand. The Pepper Lunch franchise ensured that the quality of food is consistent across the region via standardize equipment, procedure and sources of raw materials.

Pepper Lunch, Philippines Menu: Pepper Lunch Menu: Sizzle it Your Way!

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Shake! Shake! Salad! Seaweed (P99) and Spicy Tuna (P99) — For this amount, I think I would skip the salad next time.

4. Most of the ingredients and raw materials are imported except for the bean sprouts and the greens. The Japanese are control freaks and they want to make sure that the quality of Pepper Lunch in Manila is the same as the ones in Singapore or other franchises. Imagine all the meat, fish, corn, beans, etc are imported. This would also explain why the prices are on the high side. But at least, you don’t need to fly to Singapore to satisfy your craving for authentic Pepper Lunch meal.

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Beef Pepper Rice (P235) with Drinks. Only P198 A La Carte (without drinks). All prices are inclusive of VAT and No Service Charge.

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Salmon Pepper Rice (P315) with drinks. Only P275 A La Carte (without drinks) – Our Favorite.

5. Pepper Rice is flavored with Black Pepper that is prepared every morning. They use only the outer shell of the peppercorn which is most fragrant.

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Cut Steak and Hamburger Combo (P350). Only P280 A La Carte (without drinks). The cut steak was a little bit fatty than expected. We all loved the hamburger steak. A favorite of Chef Jeroen, husband of Chuvaness.

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6. The killer food in Pepper Lunch is their Hamburger Steak! We all agree that we love the Pepper Lunch Hamburger Steak paired with the sweet onion sauce! If you order the Cut Steak and Hamburger Combo, make sure that you order the Onion sauce at the counter.

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Steak and Hamburger Steak
1. You can cook both sides of your steak on the place as the beef is raw.
2. When the steak is ready. Please put a steak sauce (Amakuchi – Honey Brown Sauce or Karakuchi – Garlic Soy Sauce) on it.
3. You can place the cooked steak on vegetables so that it will not be overcooked.
4. You can also cook the vegetables on the place. Then you can taste it with a steak sauce.

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Pepper Rice. Hurry!! Mix Them Up!!
1. Please mix them up equally as there is a butter and sauce in the middle of the plate.
2. The more you mix them up, the more delicious “Pepper Rice” you get!!! Why? You will see it!

7. I bet that you won’t have time to read the instructions when the food arrives. Immediately after the food arrives, you need to mix it to maximize the heat of the plate and to cook the food really well. I posted the official instructions above so that you can be more prepared when you eat at Pepper Lunch. Anyway, the servers will be glad to help you in cooking your food.

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8. Pepper Lunch Philippines is the only franchise that have desserts in their menu! I’m glad that they decided to include the dessert to complete the meal experience for the Filipino market. The desserts are proudly Philippine made and hopefully we export the recipe to other Pepper Lunch franchise.

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Macha Cheese Cake (P140). Unique concept and taste but it reminds you of eating soap (as Mila would describe it).

Pepper Lunch-20
Molten Milk Chococolate Cake (P120). Safe, Cheap but Delicious.

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Vanilla Crepe Cake. Simple and Soft. Rache loves this dessert.

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Aidan filled up his first restaurant comment card. Here are some of the downsides when eating in Pepper Lunch:

— The prices are relatively on the high side.
— Like in any Japanese or Korean grill places, you would smell like your food after eating.

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Aidan with Chef Jeroen.

Pepper Lunch, Philippines
Rockwell Powerplant Mall, Food Court Level


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.