Kustaa Saksi-6
One of the things I learned from Master George Tapan is that you need to look at the works of great artists in order to train your eyes in photography. So together with Rache, we went to our first art show.

It was great to meet and have an inspiring chat with Scandinavian illustractor, Kustaa Saksi during his art show launch at the CCP Main Theater driveway. Manila is the final leg in his Asian tour after Singapore and Bangkok.

His artwork is greatly influenced by his growing up years in Finland. An example would be the artwork (photo above), he said that there were a lot of mosquitoes when he was growing up and they would often eat the apple. It is a simple concept but great execution on the design.

Kustaa Saksi-2
The show was impressive with a projection bomb of all Kustaa's artwork on the facade of CCP. Also, no less than Imelda Marcos attended the art show as their guest of honor but it was great to see a young crowd appreciating the illustrator's artwork.

How I wish we can also celebrate the works of the great Pinoy illustrators and give them this kind of Art Show in Manila. Maybe I just don't know about them…

Kustaa Saksi-1
Sugar Assault ($400). Digital Giclee Print [50]. 80 x 60 cm. Most people love this artwork.

Kustaa's artwork is described as:
" Kaleidoscopic prisms and psychedelic poetics interplay in the work of Scandinavian illustrator Kustaa Saksi. Retro and futuristic elements are interspersed, these two extremes complementing each other effortlessly, radiating energy, a vision of music and life manifest. "

Get a chance to view the "OFFPISTE In the Land of Kustaa Saksi " exhibit in Archeology, Rockwell only until 1 June 2008.