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Good News! All the people who commented on the blog post: Genki Umbrellas – The Coolest Transparent Umbrellas in Town… (until everyone has one) will be given a Genki Umbrella for your review. I will be sending an email separately on the date and time of the Genki Umby pick-up in Kape Isla, Serendra. Tamang tama, umuulan na. I want all my OAP readers to look cool in the rain 🙂 You can send me a photo via email or a comment on this post about your Genki umbrella experience. You can also post the review in your blog and please let me know so that I can link you up! (Link Love from OAP!)

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I love these cool umbrellas so we decided to launch the Genki Umby Photography Contest! It is simple to join. Just send me a creative photo of the Genki Umbrella via email. I will be posting all the photos I received in OAP. My wife and I will decide the most creative photograph (captions would help). We have a surprise gift to the person who would have the craziest and coolest photo.

Thanks to Jane for sending the first Genki Umby Photo!
Genki Umby

The Genki Umbrella is a significant item during my almost 1-month stay in Japan. It was light to carry around the huge park and just big enough to cover me thus letting me enjoy the rain without getting wet. Attached is a photo of me using a Genki Umbrella during a drizzling visit to Ritsurin Park. ” – Jane of Between Bites