Label - Green
Are you a fan of transparent umbrellas that you’ve seen Charlotte holding in Sex in the City or Scarlett Johansson of Lost in Translation (see a sample of the umbrellas in Shopcrazy)? The company asked me to review and feature it. I don’t usually write these kind of stuff and I told them that the only way I will put it in my blog is if they would give me 100 umbrellas to give away to OAP readers. They agreed.

So, I’m giving away 100 transparent Genki Umbrellas which comes in white, pink and violet. Just buzz me if you want a Genki umbrella. Reviews and photos will be greatly appreciated. Please send them at [email protected]

I’m reserving the first few umbrellas to OAP readers who already bought Avenue Q tickets and to past winners of the IKEA contest. For the rest, I’ll give it on a first come first serve to people who would ask for it. We need to meet, of course, so I can give you the umbrella, preferably in Makati or Serendra area. I will be giving umbrellas away until supplies last! I can assure the first 50 people who commented below to have one.

Label - Orange
BTW, the umbrellas are really cool! I like the white while Rache loves the violet…and pink. Though they are only cool until everybody in Manila has one. The umbrellas that I have to give away are manual umbrellas and they say that the plastic used is easily worn out. Also, you cannot use it for sunny days since it is transparent.

Watch out for my Genki umbrellas photos — I’m just waiting for the rain so I can get a shot of the Genki umbrella in action.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

PS If you want to buy in bulk, I can connect you with the distributor here in Manila.