100 Islands-2
I would recommend that you stay overnight in one of the islands in Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. I highly recommend that you book in Governor’s Island either the Big Brother house or smaller cottages. Electricity is available in the island and you have access to the highest vantage point in the 100 islands. The other option would be to book in Quezon Island but there is only 1 hut (I believe) that has electricity.

Most people would stay overnight in one of the hotels or inn in Lucap especially if you have kids. I would highly recommend Maxine by the Sea. They have a nice restaurant with free wi-fi, secured parking lot, affordable rooms and nice location by the sea. I also included the other recommended hotel options below. Please let me know in the comments section if you have a particular hotel you want to recommend.

100 Islands-45
Governor’s Island Rates
Telephone +63 75 551-2505

Big Brother House (10 pips) – P10,000 (with generator from 6pm to 6am)
Extra drum of water – P100
Extra Pax/ Extra Bed – P200
Table for Rent & Picnic Area -P200 (day tour); P300 (overnight)
Bahay Kubo (3 pips) – P1,500

Hundred Island Resorts-3
Maxine by the Sea Restaurant and Lodge
Lucap, Alaminos City, Pangasinan
Telephone: +632 75 551 2537
Mobile: +63 9216428551
Email: [email protected]

16 fully airconditioned rooms with one single and one double beds (3 Person per Room) @ P1,100.
There is FREE Wi-fi in the dining area.

Maxine by the Sea-14
Bangus Bellies Sinigang (P250). A Pot of tamarind-based all filipino soup of bangus heads and bellies cooked in the traditional sinigang.

Maxine by the Sea Complete Menu
House Specialty Soup, Sotanghon, Sandwiches, Rice | Breakfast, Omelette, Pancake, Side Orders | Vegetables and Salad | Lobsters and Prawns | Shrimps | Pork | Beef | Chicken | Shellfish and Plated Fish Steak or Fillet Dishes | Whole Fish or Slice and Fresh Bangus |Calamares and Crabs | Drinks and Beverages, Fruit Shakes and Smoothies

Maxine by the Sea-15
Maxine’s Famouse Calamares (P170). Deep Fried Rings of Squid in Maxine’s Special Recipe. The best I ever tasted and you should never miss this on your visit in 100 Islands.

Maxine by the Sea-17
Kilawen Talaba (P150). Fresh-shelled and “cooked” in vinegar and calamansi topped with onions, ginger and red hot pepper.

100 Islands-2-2
Vista Delas Islas
Telephone: +63 75 551-2160

This is the most expensive resort in Lucap, Alaminos City. They have a swimming pool but not really swimmable because of its questionable cleanliness. We were attracted to this because of the big and secured parking space. It was our first time in 100 Islands and we thought that if the rooms are expensive then it must be good. Later on, I found out that other resorts have similar rooms at a much cheaper rate.

100 Islands
Vistas de las Islas (P2,300 / night). The rooms were clean and have a nice restroom. But I find them expensive. You can get a much cheaper room in the other resorts.

100 Islands-26
Quezon Island Room | Day Tour | Overnight Rates
Hundred Islands National Park Information +63 75 551-2505

Cottage without room [Nipa 1,2,3] | P350 | P500
Cottage without room [Nipa 4] | P500 | P1,000
Cottage with room (Nipa A) | P500 | P900
Cottage with room (Nipa B) | P600 | P1,100
Picnic Tables & Picnic Area | P200 | P300

Quezon Island Overnight Kubo with Electricity
c/o Ted +63 909 715642
Overnight on Quezon Island (P1,600) | Day Tour (P700) | Cottage only (P400-P500)

Hundred Island Resorts-2
Villa Antolin Hotel
Telephone: +63 75 551-3604

6 persons room (P2,000-P2,500)
4 persons room (P1,800)
2 persons room (P1,200-P1,500)
Extra Bed (P200)

Hundred Island Resorts-4
The Last Resort
Telephone # +63 75 551-5651

5 persons Room (P1,500)10 persons Room (3,000)
Kitchen (P200)

Hundred Island Resorts

Ted’s by the Sea Lodge and Restaurant
#18 East Blvd, Lucap, City of Alaminos, Pangasinan
Kgd. Teddy N. Ferrer, jr.
Telephone: +63 75 551-2160
Cellphone: +63 918 428-4828


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.