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Rogin E Blogger Challenge Update:

I’m already tired of making excuses to myself on why I’m still far away from my 6-pack abs goal in 2008. My strategy is to do it the right way with a determined mindset, regular workout and eating the right kind of food. I already did it once in the 90s and I will do it again. No more excuses that I cannot exercise because of travel. No more excuses that I need to taste a little bit of that tempting dessert. No more excuses that I have to try this restaurant to blog about it (my favorite excuse). No more excuses of eating chocolates.

I finally got back to the gym last week with Jopet to help me out with my workout. I went to the gym 3x last week and I do hope to keep the momentum up this April! I can start to feel the impact of Rogin E because it is giving me the energy to survive my hectic schedule nowadays. I’m excited to go back to the gym and eat the right stuff. I had a minor setback with eating the dessert tarts plate in My Mother’s Garden (Garden Room) last Monday night. So now, I will eat clean from today onwards.

If I’m personally successful in meeting my goals, I will thank Rogin-E forever for it… To Carlos Celdran, keep up the great progress on your weight goal!

I’m taking personal accountability… No More excuses!