Flipping for the Beach Havaianas
Havaianas launched the “Flipping for the Beach” Contest this summer to discover the unexplored gems and favorite coastal destinations in the Philippines. Department of Tourism Secretary Ace Durano fully supports the contest and declares that the 7 winning destinations will be included in DOT’s focused tourism destination next year. Secretary Durano, together with Vince Rodriguez, Executive Producer of Studio 23 ‘s News Central, Ms. Anne Gonzalez, Managing Director of Terry S.A, and top 7 travel writers in the Philippines will form the panel of judges for the contest. I’m honored to be part of the panel of judges and recognized as one of the country’s top travel writers along side with the editor in chief of Mabuhay Magazine, Travel Life and the other travel publications in the country.

I’m excited to be a part of the judging on May 10. We will choose seven (7) winners who will receive the following:
– An exclusive Havaianas pair
– A 3 day/ 2 night all-expense-paid trip for two to the destination he or she wrote about
– Summer goodies from David and Goliath, T-Box and Dakine

Anawangin Beach-12
(7 Waves in Anawangin Beach. The 7 waves special Havaianas series celebrates the Brazilian ritual of welcoming the New Year. Dressed entirely in white, Brazilians go to the edge of the sea and hop over 7 waves just after midnight. This ritual is believed to bring good luck and to open new paths for the year that is just beginning. I think the 7 waves for Men was inspired by Anawangin beach..)

Please make sure that you adhere to the contest guidelines:

1. It should be about a Unique Beach Getaway in the Philippines
2. Focus on distinctive experiences that you can expect from that destination
3. Deadline is on May 1, 2008
4. Write with no more than 500 words!
5. With at least photos taken at the destination. Make sure to take a picture of yourself in the destination as proof that you have been there.
6. Document via video (60 to 90 seconds running time in VCD or DVD format)
7. Photos and videos don’t necessarily have to have Havaianas featured in them. (But if you have one, why not?) 

For more details on the mechanics, please see flyers and counter-standees in select stores and for other inquiries, please call the “Flipping for the Beach” Secretariat at (632) 7809898 landline, (0927) 6621127 mobile, or email [email protected]

Some thoughts and tips:

1. Keywords are UNIQUE destination and DISTINCTIVE experiences. I still yet to receive the formal judging criteria but I would put higher rating on beach destination entries that I have not been to.

Pundaquit-3 (7 Waves in Pundaquit Beach)

2. Remember that you enter the contest to promote the destination that you love. Because if you win, we will feature that destination and DOT will promote it next year.

Capones Island-5 (7 Waves in Capones Island)

3. Your entry should stand out. Remember that there are 10 different judges and all coming from different backgrounds. The top travel writers have been to most of the common beach places in the Philippines since they are the editor in chief of their publication.

Capones Island-4 (7 Waves in Capones Island Beach)

4. Tips to make it unique. The way to make it unique is to pick a destination that is undiscovered, put yourself and your family/ friends in the picture, and make sure the final product (essay, video) is technically good. Common beach places like Boracay can be unique if you have a unique angle that has never been written about.

Anawangin Beach-11 (7 Waves in Anawangin Beach)

5. Be Creative. I’m looking for creative entries and keep in mind that you are promoting the destination. You do this by sharing your first hand experience of the place. Make it funny and entertaining as much as possible.

Anawangin Beach-10 (7 Waves in Anawangin Beach)

6. Do it for the love of it. Don’t enter the contest just to have a chance to win. Do it because you love doing it because even before we judge the entry you are already a winner. It needs to be your own personal masterpiece.

7waves1 (7 Waves for Men and Women)

7. 7 Waves Havaianas. Remember that this is to promote the exclusive, limited edition Havaianas 7 Waves for Men (in Black and Silver) and Women (available in slim beige/ gold style).