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If El Nido has a Miniloc and Lagen Resort, Busuanga has the sister resorts of Club Paradise and El Rio Y Mar. El Rio is 30% cheaper than its sister company Club Paradise. In the same way that I like Miniloc Island in El Nido, I love El Rio Y Mar for its laid back friendly ambiance, safe beach, and near kayak-friendly lagoon area.

El Rio Resort is located in an island where the Busuanga river meets the South China Sea — hence its name in Spanish, El Rio Y Mar.

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The sister resorts are very complementary. Club Paradise’s weaknesses are El Rio Y Mar’s Strengths.

10 Reasons Why I Prefer El Rio over Club Paradise

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1. An inviting Infinity Pool which is the centerpiece of the entire resort.

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2. Elegant Cedar Wood Log Cabins with Hot and Cold Fresh Water Showers 🙂 Better rooms and 30% cheaper than Club Paradise!

Awesome Sunset-6
3. AwEsome Sunset where the lagoon acts as a mirror reflecting the stunning colors of the sunset.

Good Bye-1
4. Super Friendly People who pamper you with all the comforts and luxury by day…

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…. and making your stay truly enjoyable, and memorable even at night.

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5. A jamming Welcome session by day…

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… Live acoustic guitar jamming session every night

Mountain Hiking-4 Mountain Hiking-1
6. A steep but manageable 30-minute Hiking Trail at the back of the resort.

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7. Yummy Seafoods Galore on the Menu…

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8. FREE drinks and FREE shirt by beating the 7 shots in 7 seconds (Let me know if you want to know the secret on how to drink 7 shots in 7 seconds)

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9. Less Tourists because most of them are in Club Paradise. Most Filipinos prefer this resort especially honeymooners because it is quiet and private. Anyway, there are complimentary boat rides to Club Paradise if you want to visit for a day tour. It only takes 30 minutes to go to Club Paradise.

10. An extensive water sports facility — from Kayaking to Banana Boat, etc.

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Don’t expect Boracay-sand-like quality beach in this resort. At night, you will see Jelly fish landings on the beach.

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El Rio Y Mar
San Jose, Coron, Palawan

Manila Office:
Regent Bldg., Malunggay Road
FTI Complex, Taguig
Metro Manila, 1604, Philippines

Phone: (+632) 838-4462 and 4762
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

How to Get There:
From Manila: you can take One-hour flight from Manila to Busuanga (YKR) via SEAIR, ASIAN SPIRIT or a 12-hour Cruise from Manila to Coron via WGA Superferry.
From Coron Pier: Upon reaching Coron Pier, there will be a 1-hour jeepney ride from Coron Pier to YKR Airport (Busuanga)
From Busuanga Airport: Upon reaching Busuanga Island, there will be a 30-minute jeepney ride followed by a scenic 20-minute boat ride.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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