Coron Tour-25
1. Kayangan Lake – one of the top 100 awesome places to go to in the Philippines!
The photo above is the most photographed scene that represents Coron in the travel magazines. This scene is halfway up the mountain trail leading to the cleanest lake in the Philippines. Swimming in the cleanest fresh water lake (with a bit of salt water) in the Philippines is an experience that every Filipino should have. The entire area is perfect for taking portrait shots with limestone cliffs in the background and clean lake in the middleground.

Coron Tour-23
2. Twin Lagoons – A dare awaits the brave tourist
These twin lagoons are separated by limestone cliffs with a small underwater tunnel where a brave tourist could swim underneath. It is dangerous which adds to the appeal and challenge to tourist who dare to go to both lagoons. You need to take a deep breath and do a deep swim to avoid the jagged edges of the limestone cliffs. I tried to swim underneath but I came out with a deep wound on my left big toe. Lesson learned the *ouch* way.

Coron Tour-35
3. Siete Picados – 7 Islands Snorkeling area.
Most of the corals around Coron are dead except for the Siete Picados area. This spot is perfect for Snorkeling without being disappointed with the scene the underwater scene that you will see.

Coron Tour-43
4. Maquinit Hot Springs and its therapeutic properties.
Don’t miss on the therapeutic properties of this natural hot spring in Coron. Don ‘t be discouraged with its super hot temperature. You will be rewarded after with a revitalizing feeling after dipping in this hot springs for a few minutes.

Coron Tour-34
5. Shipwreck Diving in Coron
Coron became famous because of its dive spots and one of these days, I will take up diving and underwater photography. I’m not an expert on the Dive areas in Coron, would you know which are the awesome dive spots?

Coron Tour-54
6. Coron Town and Public Market — Fast disappearing rustic beauty of Coron
Coron is fast losing its rustic charm because it attracted investments to develop this little town. Boracay companies are starting to build massive hotels in the town to attract more tourists. Don’t miss to just walk around the town, buy danggit and roasted cashew nuts in the public market. You should also see why Palawan is the cleanest city where people pocket their cigarette butts and you will see people picking up the trash on a frequent basis.

This is my first time in Coron and I heard stories of people staying with homestays in the town just to enjoy its beauty. Are you OK with the development happening in Coron?

Coron Tour-58
7. Cashew Nuts Factory — Appreciate how the cashew nuts are processed
We decided to buy our Roasted Cashew Nuts and the Cashew Nuts Panutcha from one of the Cashew Nuts factory in the town. You can see how they prepare and process the cashew. Our favorite pasalubong from Coron is the Cashew Nuts Panutcha which is a sweet brittle made of cashew nuts and heavy brown molasses. Yummy!

Coron Tour-41
8. A Bonding Moment with Friends.
The Coron boat tour is a perfect bonding moment with friends. I wanted to go back with Rache, Aidan and our friends. I’m glad that I was with the company of cool people during the Wig Tysmans travel photography workshop.

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