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March 2008

#Restaurants, Beat Ateneo, ANIMO Lasalle!

[Flavors of La Salle] Solomon’s Guest House

rache Be Our Guest @ Solomon’s

Solomon Guest House-16
One of Malate’s secret places is called Solomon’s Guest House. It is the practicum restaurant of De La Salle – College of St. Benilde School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. Only the creme dela creme of the batch are allowed to operate and run the restaurant for a particular term. Since it opened in May 2003 to the public, they now have 14 batches of students serving the Solomon Guest House. Batch-14’s theme is Mediterranean Cuisine and Solomon’s House Classics.

It is named after a De La Salle brother – Br. Solomon Nicholas Leclerq who was martyred during the French Revolution on September 2, 1792 and the first to be beatified among the La Sallian brothers on October 17, 1926. The Solomon Guest House is hidden along one of the side streets from the corner of De La Salle – College of St. Benilde Angelo King Building.

What we love about Solomon house is that you can eat their Parm Crusted Fish classic complete with presentation and ambiance for less than P100. Also, their paninis are sold for P65 only. The service is very good and the students are very professional. We love to bring our guests here. However, the Solomon House fails in comparison with all the other practicum restaurants that I have been to. That is sad because CSB’s culinary arts has the highest tuition and they are on trimestral basis.

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#Restaurants, Beat Ateneo, ANIMO Lasalle!

[Flavors of La Salle] Cerealicious

rache Cerealicious – Are you Delicious?


Cerealicious is still the first and only Cereal Cafe in the Philippines. One of their first few branches was located in Sherwood Place in front of DLSU. On a normal day, it is packed with students just hanging out and enjoying the healthy cereals. The marketing of using movie titles to package their cereal creations is brilliant. It is young, fun and makes you feel like a kid again. No wonder, Cerealicious continues to expand to other school vicinities and other areas outside Metro Manila like Cebu and Davao. We need to have more of these healthy alternatives to the fatty ice cream and fatty chocolate cakes. They deserve all the media attention they are getting for the past 3 years. Congratulations on your success!

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#Restaurants, Beat Ateneo, ANIMO Lasalle!

[Flavors of La Salle] Mama V Resto

Mama V Restaurant-5.jpg
Beef Tapa (P89).

Mama V @ The Providence Tower is what I would call an All Filipino Restaurant. It probably serves all the Filipino food that we loved since our childhood. Beef tapa (in 12 special flavors), tocino, pork chop, corned beef, sisig, 9 pork variations (afritada, binagoongan, caldereta, kare kare, menudo, patatim, pochero, sinigang, sweet and sour), macaroni salad, spaghetti tomato, adobo, pork/chicken barbecue (in 12 special flavors) and chicharon. The menu is targeted to students and most of the dishes are less than P100.

It was established way after we graduated from DLSU and it caters to La Salle, CSB and St. Scho crowd. The place is not sossy but it is patronized by the students. Finding a parking is always a challenge so better avoid the heavy traffic hours (usually late afternoons)

Mama V Restaurant-2.jpg

Mama V Restaurant Menu | The Mama V Story

One interesting thing worth checking out is the P5/per song 24 hours a day Karaoke. There is no entrance fee, no cover charge, no person/per hour charge. The private air conditioned rooms can comfortably sit 5-10 persons but I usually see more people inside the room. I miss the college days where you hang out in a karaoke to celebrate someone’s birthday and the more squeezed you are inside the room– the better it is (if you know what I mean 🙂

(For room reservations with advance food orders, call Tita at 02 440 8749)

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#Restaurants, Beat Ateneo, ANIMO Lasalle!

[Flavors of La Salle] Do you remember Garaje?

rache Garaje

We have always wondered what happened to our favorite Garaje turo turo place in La Salle. Garaje was the favorite food hang out place for DLSU engineering back then and most student raved about that place in the 1990s. Fast forward to 2000, it already moved to a nearby location where there are no signs and you can only see a small door beside a sari sari store. We actually got lost and had to call a few folks to give us direction. This place gave us an idea to do a series on restaurants/ food places around the La Salle area that is worth blogging about.


We lived in the Malate area near DLSU, so we decided to have our family lunch in Garaje. Rache was still pregnant with Josh but this did not stop us from reminiscing our college days ignited by the Garaje food.

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My Marathon Story

Rogin E Blogger’s Physique Challenge

This is my second attempt to lose weight (the first one was during the marathon last year.) Thanks to Rogin E for putting up this physique/ weight loss challenge for 3 fat bloggers (hehe) which includes Carlos Celdran and Paul Santos. I’m also starting to experiment with Vblogging and the video above is my first attempt . Check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

Rogin E and Gold's Gym contest

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Our Family Posts

One Night in Manila

I’m excited that my short contribution for Lara Day’s One Night in Manila article in Time Magazine was published already. Lara asked three people about their recommendation to people if they only have one night in Manila. I was interviewed together with Jake Macapagal, 40, theater and independent-film actor and JLizette Claudio, 26, head of artist and media relations, MTV Philippines. Check it out:

One Night in Manila by Lara Day


Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes

Sprinkles Cupcakes-16
“Let’s be clear, they’re not just pint-sized cakes. Cupcakes are something else entirely. At Sprinkles Cupcakes, with over tantalizing flavors to satisfy the sweet tooth, we get it right. Baked fresh in small batches throughout the day, Sprinkles cupcakes are handcrafted from the Finest Ingredients, including sweet cream butter, bittersweet Belgian chocolate, pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, fresh bananas and carrots, real strawberries and natural citrus zests. Topped with Sprinkles trademark modern dots, rich chocolate sprinkles from France or seasonal sugar decorations, Sprinkles cupcakes are a deliciously sophisticated update on an American classic. “ (

The best pasalubong from anyone who is coming from LA is the Hollywood’s famous Sprinkles Cupcakes. It is so far the best cupcake I’ve ever tasted. They bake it fresh on that day itself using fresh ingredients with a satisfying icing that is not too sweet just right. The cake is soft like a sponge and crumbles when you bite it. No wonder, this cupcake bakeshop was copied here in Manila. Do you recognize the similarity with the box design and font?

Happy with Sprinkles
Just look at Aidan’s face when I gave him his surprise pasalubong…. I got pogi points from my wife because of the cupcakes 🙂 Sprinkles is located along South Santa Monica boulevard and it is already near the LAX airport. The cupcakes taste great for a day or two and they put it in a nice recycled box with elegant recycled fork and knife.

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The Mavens of Internet Marketing

Maven Marketing Bootcamp & Strategic Profits LIVE!
Read: New Beginnings! Strategic Profits Live 2008 Blog

I am still thrilled to have met and learned from almost all of the mavens in the Internet Marketing Industry namely: Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham, Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker, John Carlon, and Gary Vaynerchuk. The conference gave me the right internet marketing mindset, the strategies and techniques on how to succeed in the interactive marketing and web 2.0 age. I also met a lot of friends in the internet marketing space who I can trust. There are a lot of “Sharks” out there and you need to be very careful if you want to go into the internet marketing space. The only Filipino I know who is serious in this space is Joel Christopher of Master List Builder University. Let me know if you know of other Filipinos out there so that I can reach out and network with them effectively.

It was the best conference I attended in my life. It beats an AIM MBA education and even more cutting edge from what I learned in P&G. My favorite marketers are Rich Schefren, Frank Kern, Gary Vaynerchuk and master Jay Abraham. I would like to share with you some of my key learnings from the 6 days conference I attended:

1. Know your strengths and passion. Create a pre-eminent position leveraging on your strengths and passion. You are the king in the area of your strengths and where you are most passionate of.

2. Different. Unique. Authentic. — These are the keys to win in the interactive age. Copy cats and black hats will not survive in the Web 2.0 era.

3. Create your Maven-ship position in the market place. You need to create a strategy to become a “Maven” of your niche. Be conscious of creating your own persona, character traits and unique communication channel in the market place.

4. Brand yourself online. Most Filipinos I see are seduced by the easy money schemes and seo tactical strategies that they are killing their brand online. This is the wrong way to approach winning in the online space.

5. Market from your CORE Identity. Marketing becomes very easy when you talk from your CORE Identity. The key is understanding yourself more and identifying what your perfect day would look like.

I know some of these might be confusing. I can explain some more for those who are interested. I’m starting a new blog focused on the internet marketing concepts so that we can start educating Filipinos on what would it take to succeed in this space. Please email me if you are interested in this area and if you have specific questions.

I’m going back to Manila already. I super miss Rache, Aidan and syoti Josh already…


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