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I'm sure you must have seen Tootsie's banners along the Tagaytay ridge inviting you to try them during their dry run. You won't miss it and I bet you were also curious on what Tootsie offers. Named after its owner, Tootsie, takes pride in serving Filipino Home Style cooking and sharing their family recipes. I was happy to see an alternative Filipino restaurant other than Viewsite, Josephine's, Leslie's or the grill restaurants along the ridge. Unfortunately, the kitchen is still unstable after 2+ months of operation. The dishes are innovative and unique but taste like commercialized home cooked meals.

Have you tried Tootsie's?

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We ate brunch @ Tootsie's on a Friday morning when we went up to Tagaytay to check out Hotel Kimberly. It was empty and sometimes we prefer it that way because Aidan can freely roam around.

Pancit Molo Valentino (P334). A soup cooked the traditional way with the freshest ingredient – live shrimp, native chicken… Lola Marina's recipe, improved by Carol, our cook and a special favorite of our dad, Valentin. Always copied but never duplicated!

This was the best seller of the house and rightfully so. The soup was thick with the native chicken broth, the essence of the shrimp and some ingredients that made the soup kinda yellow. I liked the generous serving of Molo soup. This is perfect during the cold windy season in Tagaytay. I would recommend going to Tootsie's if just for this Pancit Molo Valentino.

Tinoyong Bangus (P235) Fried Batangas boneless bangus marinated in soy sauce and calamansi juice, another family favorite.

It was big and very salty. But I guess what should you expect with Tinoyong Bangus? I can't understand why this was a family favorite if it causes kidney stones.

Pancit Buko (P173). Stir fried Chinese noodles sauteed with fresh vegetables and buko slivers.

This was an interesting combination. It was weird to combine the pancit noodles with sweet buko juice and slivers. Try this if you are adventureous and always seeking out a different kind of Filipino food experience.

As Rache said in her blog post, Tootsie's Patootsie , we'll give it a try after a few more months. Hopefully we meet the owner, Tootsie herself.

Tootsie’s Tagaytay
Ms. Hanna Liwag (Operations Head)