Red Mango, Westwood-6
Thanks to OAP friends for introducing us to Red Mango! I was curious about the so-called Fro-Yo wars. So, we drove all the way to Westwood in LA to find out what the fuss is all about.

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Red Mango, Westwood-2
The tagline of Red Mango is authentic Frozen Yogurt. Indeed, you can taste the yogurt’s tartiness and this is exactly the taste of Cold Spoon’s frozen yogurt we tasted in Pampanga, Philippines. What makes Red Mango unique is their focus on making their froyo healthy. It is packed with live and active cultures and they have healthy options in terms of toppings — Mandarin Orange packed with Vitamin C and they don’t serve Oreo cookies. Our favorite toppings are the mochi and small bits of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate — both of which are not available in Pink Berry.

Red Mango, Westwood-4
Red Mango cost the same as Pink Berry’s yogurt. $2.50 for the small original yogurt and $3.50 for the green tea. One topping costs $1 and 3 toppings cost $1.50.
Red Mango, Westwood-3
Thanks to Brobo Lorenz and wife, Carmina for the Westwood Food Trip!

Red Mango, Westwood
The Verdict: I love Red Mango because of its yogurt taste and benefits vs the creamy deliciousness of Pink Berry. My brother and Mina still love Pink Berry.
Official Website: Red Mango USA