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I’m now a Frozen Yogurt addict after I tasted the holy grail of Frozen Yogurt — Pink Berry in LA! Pink Berry opened in LA last 2005 by two Korean entrepreneurs, Shelly Hwang and Young Lee. (see: The taste that launched 1,000 parking tickets) It has been a craze in LA ever since and in fact, Pink Berry was bought by Starbucks . (see: Starbucks founder bites into Pink Berry)

The official theme song in Pink Berry’s website says it all and I can’t get it out of my head.
” Sorry Ice Cream, I’m dreaming of a different dessert.
Pink Berry Shave Ice and Frozen Yogurt.
It doesn’t feel like I’m cheating when I’m eating it.
Coz its healthy…I feel better already…”

“Sorry Ice Cream, I’m on my way to P-I-N-K-B-E-R-R-Y Pink Berry!”

A Shout Out to Starbucks, Manila — when can you bring Pink Berry to the Philippines?! I’m craving for Pink Berry Frozen Yogurt!

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Pink Berry-2
Pink Berry Frozen Yogurt has three yogurt flavors: Original Yogurt, Green Tea and Coffee. I tasted all three and I love the Green Tea yogurt specially with a kiwi topping. The original yogurt has a gelato smoothness feel and has the right sour and sweet taste. The coffee flavor is new because of Starbucks influence. It has a weird acquired taste — just think about a sour coffee with a sweet yogurt taste. Given the pricing below, expect that this will be a P100+ frozen yogurt when it arrives in Manila.
Original Frozen Yogurt
Small $2.50 + each topping $0.95
Medium $3.50, with 3 toppings $4.95
Large $5.50, with 3 toppings $6.95
Green Tea and Coffee Frozen Yogurt
Small $3.50 + each topping $0.95
Medium $4.50, with 3 toppings $5.95
Large $6.50, with 3 toppings $7.95
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Thanks to my brother Enzo and wife Mina for treating me to a Pink Berry Frozen Yogurt experience!

Pink Berry-3
They now sell these cute and playful kitchen accessories.

Pink Berry
Check out Pink Berry’s official website:
(Warning: Please don’t go to their official website if you don’t want to get the Pink Berry Last Song Syndrome)