Note: This restaurant is closed already 🙁

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Aidan or Josh?

Piccolo Mondo is now located in Tagaytay for some time now coming from its humble beginnings in Aguirre St and Casa Susana in Alabang. It is owned by celebrity Chef Mervyn Whitfield's whose claim to fame is being the chef of the Beatles at one point of his career.

Piccolo serves the BEST pizza in Tagaytay. Their pizza is known for its thin crust but with a fluffy bite because it is baked on volcanic slabs. A lot more people in Tagaytay are raving about Piccolo's Pizza. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for their pasta which suffered from overcooking or commercialization of its operation.

This is one of the places close to Hotel Kimberly along the main Highway Aguinaldo road.

Piccolo Mondo means small world.

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We ate at Piccolo the day after Valentines so you can still see some decent attempt to have a romantic atmosphere using cut out hearts. I liked the homey feel of the resto and it would have been nice if Chef Mervyn was around. One of the draw of the restaurant is meeting the British celebrity chef himself.

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Pizza al Quattro Formaggi and Pizza Margherita (price of the higher value pizza, P385).

You can order half pizza's because the pizza dough, tomato base and cheese are the same.

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Zuppra di Asparagi (Cream of Asparagus) – P75

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Seafood Pasta. We were disappointed with the noodles which was overcooked and swimming in its sauce. The taste was good so we finished it.

Piccolo Mondo
Piccolo Mondo Restaurant
5940 Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
Telephone Number: +63 46 413 1942