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I’m thankful for being able to attend this world class event. I was the only Filipino in the Best Internet Marketing Conference 2008 and I want to share my personal insights that blow my mind. Paul Scheele is the master of how to use the 90% of your brain (which is your subconscious). Dr. Paul I think appeared in the Secret. Most of the time the subconscious is working without the conscious mind knowing it. Here are my insights:

1. There is no such thing as hypnosis. Hypnosis is the power of concentration, imagination and suggestion! Everyday we are under a hypnotic state and we don’t even know it. We should be very careful of the power of suggestion to other people. Sometimes, we would often say to people, “bakit ang tamad tamad mo”. Don’t to that! You are actually giving a powerful suggestion to the person that he is lazy and if you repeat it 5 times within the day, you are like hypnotizing that person to be lazy. The mere fact that our media in the Philippines only reports the negative and controversial stuff, the TV is hypnotizing every Filipinos to be bad and negative. Please, please stop watching TV or anything that will highlight negativity or any persons who are negative. Thanks to Rache, she influenced us to cut our cable TV so that we cannot watch this anymore. Just imagine the influence of TV with the kids.

2. Remove “I Cannot” in your vocabulary. The moment you say you cannot do things, it will manifest itself and it will not happen. Instead, if there is something that you think you cannot do, tell yourself: My mind can do this, I don’t know how long it would take, but I can surprise myself. Dr. Paul shared with us evidences that the moment you say “I cannot” the mind will abort the subconscious to even work on it. That is why the Why Not Forum is so powerful, it is a campaign to teach Filipinos do always say let’s do it, why not?

3. Focus on the What, not the How. Most of the time, we focus on How to Earn Money. The fact it, that is the wrong question to even ask in the first place. You need to focus on the WHAT! Embody what its gonna be like when you are there. This is called Positive Outcome Patterning. You need to embody visually, kinesthetically, auditory what does if feel to become rich. You need to act and feel that you are rich and let the universe take care of the How.

Am I making sense? I’m not sure if I am communicating here because these are so powerful concepts that addresses some of the fundamental flaws in every filipino family, including ours.

Paul Scheele talks at length about the Structure Of Influence and the key to building rapport with your prospects…
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