Binondo Walking Tour

Rache Avatar-32 Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!!
In Binondo and with most tsinoys that I met, Kiong Hee Huat Tsai is the proper way to greet Happy New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi is a more commercialized greeting (I guess).
Personally, I am starting to get the hang of celebrating Chinese New Year after 5 years of being married to a Chinese family. I started to appreciate the family gatherings the night before Chinese New Year. Also, for the second straight year, we visited Binondo and joined the Chinese community in celebrating the Year of the Rat. I shifted my mindset to think about Chinese New Year the same way we celebrate the first of January. We are starting to build family traditions around Chinese New Year, so let me share with you how we celebrated it this year!
Kiong Hee Huat Chai-4
The night before Chinese New Year is always celebrated with a simple family gathering because it was the Chinese Christmas. Everyone was in red to bring good luck for the new year ahead. We played with Syoti Josh in the morning before Momma Rache and Aidan went out to meet Happy Slip.

Happy Slip Meet and Greet
Happy Slip Meet and Greet-3
It was nice to see Christine again during the Happy Slip meet-and-greet. The online community was smitten by her beauty and by her welcoming aura. She is no doubt a celebrity but she is still down-to-earth when dealing with other people. The event started with lunch at Mag:Net cafe and a solo performance by no other than Josh Verdes. I love Happy Slip’s message to the online community to pursue your passion and trust God to open the doors for you. I’m proud that she is a Filipina — beautiful, creative, and God-centered.
Happy Slip Meet and Greet-2
The online community was generally behaved and everyone was trying to get a video of Josh’ performance and her speech. Aside from the crowded Mag:Net cafe, the event was well managed by Yehey! Congrats Donald for a very successful meet and greet event!
Happy Slip Meet and Greet-5
I liked this picture of my Happy Wife in Red. This photo was taken by Aidan!

Chinese New Year in Binondo
Binondo Walking Tour-11
We visited Binondo after, so that Aidan can chase the dragons. This dragon in particular is the longest one I have seen going around the Ongpin area. Aidan got scared of the loud firecrackers so we were not able to go near one. My original plan was to take a picture of the dragon with Aidan wearing his Stitch hat: Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!!
Binondo Walking Tour-3
Once again, we tagged along with Ivan ManDy’s tour and we met Mr. Ube himself in his restaurant, Cafe Mezzanine!
Binondo Walking Tour-9
Our favorite in Ivan’s Binondo Walk tours is the Kuchay Dumplings of Dong Bei! It is now a tradition in the family to eat Dong Bei Dumplings on Chinese New Year.

Crepe de Chine

Rache Avatar-32Chinatown’s Crepe de  Chine
Cafe de Chine
Sometimes, when you are in Binondo, you want to escape the crowded Ongpin scene and try out a restaurant that has the convenience of a Makati resto. Crepe de Chine (Chinese crepe) offers this convenience with unique crepe inspired food, the best restrooms in Binondo area, and a free WiFi! Thanks to Dianna for the Chinese new year treat @ Cafe de Chine!
Starter Crepes, Savory Crepes, Sandwiches | Pastas, Dessert Crepes, Merienda | Crepe de Chine photo Menu 1 | Crepe de Chine photo Menu 2
Cafe de Chine-7
CDC Crepe Roll (P180). A delicious blend of assorted greens topped with grilled chicken slices, tomato wedges & pineapple tidbits drizzled with our special CDC sauce. Perfect for those who want to eat healthy and be full.
This was a surprisingly delicious and healthy. It is a simple salad wrapped by crepe with honey mustard sauce. Highly recommended.

Cafe de Chine-8
Pasta Nepolitina (P190). A sweet and spicy combination of bacon, mushroom, olives and sun dried tomato that will explode in your mouth.

This is the bestseller in Crepe de Chine. We find it soaked in too much olive oil but we liked the ingredients more than the pasta itself.
Cafe de Chine-9
Pizza Crepe (P130). Taking our crepes one step further! You truly won’t go wrong with this one.

What is the thinnest pizza in Manila? Of course, it is the crepe pizza of Crepe de Chine! Just imagine a pizza with crepe as its base (instead of dough) and put the pizza toppings. I finished most of it.

Cafe de Chine-11
Mangoteena (P155). Mangoes, caramel honey chips, and MORE caramel! Need we say more?
Finally, a decent dessert place in Binondo!
Cafe de Chine-12
Mad Nutter (P165). Banana smothered in our choco-peanut sauce topped with ice cream and loaded with nuts! You’ll go choco-nutty with this dessert!
I was supposed to abstain on chocolates but I just can’t resist this one.
Cafe de Chine-13
Crepe de ChineLower Ground World Trade Exchange (tallest building in Binondo)
215 Juan Luna St. Binondo Manila (walking distance from Binondo Church)
Telephone: +632 244-2270. +632 243-4867
email: [email protected]
Plenty of parking space in the building.

World Trade Exchange View of Manila

The Best View of Manila is on top of Crepe de Chine’s building! I heard from Sidney about the magnificent views on top of the World Trade Exchange Building. We were so lucky to get a chance to see an aerial view of Manila from the helipad. They should have a promo that every P500 worth of food purchase entitles you to a great view of Manila!

World Trade Tower View of Manila-3
Beautiful intramuros!

World Trade Tower View of Manila-4
Binondo Church and Plaza.

World Trade Tower View of Manila-5
Manila Sunset View!

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai to all!!