Ultimate Kapampangan Show-Off 2.0 Thanks to all of our tour friends who joined us for the Ultimate Kapampangan Tour 2.0: Up Up and Away! Hupping, Puffing, and Pumping in Pampanga! Also, thank you for the gift of feedback because we learned a lot from this tour.

Abe's Farm-24
Rating Scale: (1) Horrible (2) It is OK. (3) We had a good time. (4) I love it! (5) Awesome! I would recommend it!

Overall Tour Experience Rating: 4.0 (I love it!).
Our target is to get a 5.0 (Awesome! I would recommend it) on all our tours and we learned a lot from the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta tour.

What do the tour participants have to say about Ultimate Kapampangan Show-Off 2.0?

” The hot air balloon, the massage, the farm, the food, and the pizza are all wonderful experiences. However, you need to focus more on avoiding long lulls. We stayed too long in the farm it became boring. And to top it, we left two hours too late (based on my understanding was the plan), we missed the migratory bird experience. Because of bad roads, the migratory bird experience is a one-off arrangement. No more going back. Sayang. But the effort and perseverance is noted. The perseverance alone should make future tours with you worthwhile. Just plan better.

” The trip was a good start for me….I don’t mind the early call time and we left quite on time. I think it would have made a big impact if the ride was more comfortable than it was…i guess its also because i’m quite tall and i also encounter the same discomfort when riding planes on economy class……I really enjoyed the balloonfest since my objective was to take pictures…the press passes made all that difference from just going on a trip on my own. As for the food, I think i expected more in terms of variety and “yum” factor……the massage was a lot better than expected…..the ambiance in that small little cabana was a pleasant surprise……”

” I totally enjoyed. Would like to go to another tour in the future.”

” I’m supposed to click on the “Awesome! I would recommend it!” kaya lang baka mawalan ako ng slot next time. “

” It was a PERFECT day tour for me and Kristine since it was our first time in a group tour locally and especially the Hot Air balloon festival. We are already looking forward to the next ULTIMATE destination tour of the group:-) Food is fantastic. Recommendations reached a lot of people already with what we have experienced. Thanks a lot guys and More Power!!! “

” The tour was well planned. “

” The tour was great. Everyone’s warm and friendly especially Anton, the Ivans, Spanky and Rommel who are equally nice, informative and affable. And I love the fact that Aidan was also there.. I think he’s even cuter in person. *wink*”

” really had a blast… i especially liked how some places were surprises. good times!! =)”

” What a great food trip!”

” Our heartfelt thanks to all of you for putting this together. We know it takes A LOT of imagination and dedication to get something like this off the ground, we’re behind you 100% of the way. Count us in your future trips, we keep meeting the most interesting people! Hope this feedback helps with the succeeding tours. “

PART 1. OVERALL NIGHT TOUR EXPERIENCE: 3.3 (We had a good time.)
The night tour failed our expectations and we vow to learn and improve next time around.

Hot Air Balloon Night Glow
BUS/ LOGISTICS: 2.54 (It is OK)
Although the bus driver and services are reliable, we won’t be using that coaster anymore in our future tours.

Oasis Hotel
OASIS HOTEL: 3.67 (We had a good time.)
The garden hotel was cute but not enough to impress our guests. We will go to ABC Hotel next time!

Hot Air Balloon Night Glow-4
On Saturday, the winds were so strong, it prevented the balloons to inflate. The saturday crowd in the hot air balloon festival was very disappointed. A lot of Hot Air but no Balloons.

C Italian Dining-2
C ITALIAN DINING: 5.0 (Awesome! I would recommend it!)
C Italian Dining exceeded all our expectations. I’ll dedicate a separate post on this.

Angeles Night Tour-7
This walking tour has a potential. The Angeles Beach Club Hotel was out of this world.

Q. What do you think made this tour a memorable experience?

” The hot air balloon, of course.”

” the balloonfest was great……the full body massage was also refreshing…..the resthouse of LJC was a good photoshoot experience too…..”

” Meeting new people!”

” Yung food!!! saka ang kukulet ng mga participants!!! i think you guys were able to achieve the “barkada experience”. Mas masaya kasi pag barkada although ang setback nun eh hindi mo yun ma-a-achieve sa first try. I think nag-work this time kasi familiar na yung iba with some people. Saka buti na lang yung iba magaan kasama. Saka ang laki pala talaga ng mga Lobo. Yikes!”

” The camaraderie of meeting new people from all walks of life is an experience”

” Aside from watching the hot air balloons take off, Abe’s farm really is a treat since it was the place where everyone really felt at peace and relaxed during the tour compliments of the massages and the sumptuous buffet! “

” the food (kapampangan, yum)! the heavenly massage (i’m such a sucker so i have lots to compare it with pero ang sarap parin sobra… parang the best so far for me)”

” Memorable for me since I did not have any friend/s with me in the tour (since my friend backed out the last minute due to an urgent rendezvous) so it was really a new (and exciting) experience for me.”

” Albeit that, I was able to meet new friends who have similar passions, i.e. food, travel, photography & lomography”

” people, food, surprises…”

” an owner of the hot air balloon was so nice & let me get inside his square-like basket & took a souvenir shot of me while he blew up the light up up the sky as though he is going to let me fly with them,,for free maybe…hahahahha!”

PART 2. OVERALL DAY TOUR EXPERIENCE: 3.85 (We had a good time!)
We could have improved the execution of the day tour specially during the latter part after the Abe’s Farm experience.

Hot Air Balloon launch-7
Most of us fell in love with the balloons. We felt like kids again except for Aidan who got scared.

VFW Breakfast-2
VFW BREAKFAST: 3.38 (We had a good time!)
I think the food was not impressive to the participants. We got to find a different breakfast place for next year’s fiesta.

Cold Spoon-8
COLD SPOON: 4.25 (I Love it!)
The next dessert craze in the Philippines is Frozen Yogurt!

Abe's Farm-11
ABE’S FARM LUNCH: 4.08 (I Love it!)
The participants loved it but personally the Ivans, Spanx and me was a bit disappointed with quality and quantity of the food.

Nurture Spa-3
NURTURE SPA: 4.08 (I Love it!)
Most people appreciated this after waking up at 2am in the morning!

Abe's Farm-26
CAMALIG PIZZA: 3.33 (We had a good time!)
This is the best Filipino pizza but it is best to be eaten in the restaurant itself. The crust was not anymore crunchy when we ate it at Abe’s Farm.

Candaba Wild Reserve-2
This was poorly executed and should have been the best way to end the tour. We were late by 10mins to see all the white egret birds fly. Also, we failed to give the story of these birds.