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If you love Mcdonalds’ McFlurry or Jollibee’s Sundae, you will definitely love Cold Spoon Frozen Yogurt. It is a much healthier dessert alternative because it is Yogurt instead of Ice Cream. It is non-fat, low calories, with vitamin c, with calcium and live lactobacilli! I can’t wait for the first franchise to open in Manila.

Thanks to Spanx for this Korean dessert discovery in Angeles, Pampanga.
Cold Spoon serves the best frozen yogurt! by Ivan Henares
The Best Little FROZEN YOGURT Shop in the Philippines by Spanx

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We LOVE Frozen Yogurt! The Frozen Yogurt is as smooth and sweet as ice cream but has that yogurt-asim taste and healthy benefits.

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A medium-sized cup with premium toppings is P90

(Spanx suggests Comstock blueberry or cherry, or Butterfinger bits)

Other toppings are available at P85:
Oreo, M&Ms, gummy bears, almond clusters,banana nut clusters, raisins, chocolate or strawberry syrup,Mueslix cereal, or Maltesers candy.

Joan, the Korean owner, was personally serving us during the Ultimate Kapampangan Tour 2.0 during the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!

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Cold Spoon is located along the Fil-Am highway,a diversion road that’s a shortcut from angeles city to clark.

If you’re coming from inside Clark, exit the Friendship gate, just go straight along the main road, don’t turn left or right. That main road exiting Friendship gate leads directly to the Fil-Am road that goes all the way to the Nepo Mart area of Angeles City. Just follow the road, you’ll cross a long bridge along the way,and traverse the highway until you see the Grand Palazzo Royale complex on your right;that would be Barangay CutCut, Angeles City.

Cold Spoon will be 2 minutes away on the left side. If you get lost, text Joan at 0918-5680134 , she owns the store “,)