Strategic Profits Live Day 2-5-2
Frank Kern is now my Internet Marketing Idol! He is so cool and he gave a “weird” presentation on CORE IDENTITY on how to effortlessly market and influence people. ( Sorry, I know this might be a weird incoherent post. )

Money Goals are not important and should not be your top most priority. What is important is to paint a picture of what your perfect day would look like. This day reflects the certain lifestyle that is centered on our passions, a happy family life and our legacy. This is your CORE Identity and the more you align yourself on the CORE identity, the happier you will be. Once you identified and attained your CORE Identity, help other people who has a similar CORE identity and guide them to reach the lifestyle they want to live.

Strategic Profits Live Day 2-11
Thanks Frank Kern for sharing with us your Jenius Internet Marketing stuff. I must admit the entire conference was raving about his presentation. Please see an excerpt on the conference:

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