Diddy Riese-2
LA is crazy about the Diddy Riese cookies and you can see the long lines above to prove it.

Diddy Riese-5
I love Diddy Riese cookies because they are fresh, crunchy in the outside but soft / chewy in the inside. The bestsellers is the Cookie Sandwiches where you can select any two flavor of cookies and a choice of Dryer’s ice cream. Diddy Riese is 2x better than Mrs. Fields (yes, that is how good these cookies are). I do hope somebody franchises it in the Philippines.

Diddy Riese-3
Our recommendation is the Oatmeal Raisin Cookies with Walnut.

Diddy Riese-4
All the cookies are served fresh and people order it by the dozen. The cookie turnover is very high and usually you get your cookies hot.

Diddy Riese-10
a sneak peak into a dozen of Diddy Riese cookies… super yummy!

Diddy Riese-11
Thanks to ate Carmina for bringing us to Diddy Riese cookies…

Deal or No Deal
We ended the night with an arcade game of Deal or No Deal ($2/play) . I think that a Kris Aquino Deal or No Deal arcade version would be a big hit in Manila.