Download BrandingthePhilippines.pdf (975.8K)

I just want to share with you an interesting article on Branding the Philippines by Junie del Mundo and Robert de Quelen. You can download the entire article here: Download BrandingthePhilippines.pdf (975.8K). I would like to share with you my insights based on that article…

1. A Core Ingredient of the Philippine Brand is the Filipino People.

We need to instill in the hearts of every Filipino the deep sense of pride in our country. We grew up programmed to think negative of our country because of the corruptions in the government and negative publicity about our country. We need to start to be proud of “Made in the Philippines” products and appreciate our country even more. This has been the 3 year crusade of Our Awesome Planet. Each year, the passion to showcase the Philippines grows inside of me and one day I will dedicate my life to it.

Some practical tips for the new generation of Filipinos:
— We literally stopped watching TV already because media is a bad influence to our kids.
— Align your family to the “good side” of the Philippines and stay away from the “dark side” by choosing carefully the people you interact with.
— Every Juan should travel and see the beauty of the Philippines. Start with Boracay, then El Nido, Palawan, and then Batanes.
— Every March, go to Manila Bay and watch one of the Awesome Sunsets in the world.
— Live a life of passion and fear of the Lord.

2. Filipinos key characteristics: Caring, Colorful, Creative, and Collaborative.
We need to showcase the caring, colorful, creative and collaborative traits of the Filipinos. It does not matter if you are based in the Philippines or in US. What matters is, we touched the lives of the people we encounter each day. Share with them the beautiful traits of the Filipinos.

Some practical tips for the new generation of Filipinos:
Let’s continue to export nurses, doctors, musicians, IT people, to showcase to the world what Filipinos are made of. Develop Filipino websites that showcase the colorful and creative talents of the Filipinos.
— Attend the Sinulog — one of the best fiesta in the Philippines and showcases the 4C’s of the Filipinos.
— Appreciate the Halo Halo which is a metaphor for what it means to be a Filipino.
— Be creative and free!

3. Change our “alila” paradigm instilled by the Spaniards and the Americans.
I hate it that we have this mentality that the Spaniards and Americans are more superior than the Filipinos. We are brainwashed during our childhood and this cycle should stop in this generation.

Some practical tips for the new generation of Filipinos:
Stop watching TV to stop the hollywood brainwashing.
— Listen to OPM music each morning.
— Buy proudly “Made in the Philippines” products.
— Blog in Filipino (One of these days I’ll launch a Filipino blog)
— Celebrate the world class achievements of Filipinos.

Any thoughts or reactions on how we can have strengthen the Philippine brand?