Rache Avatar-32 Afternoon Snack at Moon Garden in Tagaytay

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I was intrigued by the concept of Moon Garden Restaurant in Tagaytay. It is mysterious (bordering into the creepy side). One of the owners is fond of the moon so the motif of the entire place is balinese garden with moon accent. You would also see smiling moon hanging from the trees. The food is decent and they only serve breakfast from 7am to 2pm. You can call a day in advance if you want to try their salad experience for lunch/ dinner for P500+. I wouldn't rave about the food but it is a lot better than the fast food scene along the Tagaytay ridge. Rache has an interesting perspective about our Moon Garden experience: Afternoon Snack at Moon Garden in Tagaytay. I would agree with her that we love the fresh Guyabano juice and the yogurt with honey.

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I want to go back here to experience their Moon Parties held during full moon. If you happen to go to Tagaytay during full moon, then moon garden restaurant is the place to be.

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The garden has huge displays of flower paintings which gives it a unique twist versus the other garden restaurant places in Tagaytay. All the paintings are for sale.

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I asked Aidan to pose beside his favorite painting and he chose the photo on the right side. I think he chose it because it has a lot of color Blue — his favorite color. (Oh no!)

Moon Garden, Tagaytay-21Daing na Bangus Filipino Style with omelette, pickles, and garlic fried rice (P265+)
Check out the resto of the Moon Garden Breakfast Menu
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Lola Momsy and Syoti Josh in Moon Garden's main restaurant.

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Paksiuw na Cochinillo Filipino Style with omelette, pickles, and garlic fried rice (P265+)

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Crispy Paksiuw na Bilong Bilong Filipino Style with omelette, pickles, and garlic fried rice (P265+)

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Moon Garden

SVD Road, Brgy San Jose, Tagaytay

New Number: +63 939 913 9097

Nieves +63.920.947.8960

Bibette +63.920.298.8097