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Sucree Torte (P850 Whole/ P125 Slice). Imagine a double layer of chocolate-almond sponge filled with chocolate ganache followed by a silky layer of creme brulee and amaretto flavored chocolate mousse, enrobe in shiny chocolate coating. A torte that truly deserves our name.

Sucree opened their second branch in Robinson’s Midtown. After eating in Chefs’ Quarters, Sucree is the dessert place to be. The virginity of Sucree was featured in Lori’s Manila’s 10 Best Desserts, 2007 and was described as:

“Anyway, the aforementioned Virginity is what I’d expect in a cake tagged with that appellation. It’s pristine in color — almost white actually, (virginal!) – a sponge cake perfumed in vanilla caressed by the lightest layer of dulce de leche. Occasional bursts of macadamia praline add textural interest and keep the mouth enticed. Truly, while this cake is purely immaculate in looks, there’s nothing virginal about it in taste.”

We decided to try the most expensive cake which is the Sucree Torte but we were disappointed. The creme brulee was out of place in a chocolate cake. We should have stick to Lori’s recommendation.

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Sucree, Midtown

Sucree Patisserie & Cafe
2nd Floor Robinson’s Place Manila-Midtown
Original Branch at Sct. Borromeo, South Triangle, Quezon City
Tel. No. +632 4150943
Mobile No. + 63 922 8042253