Santos - Hizon House-12

So That You May Know…and keep your eyes OPEN!

The email address of OLD MANILA WALKS ([email protected]) was hacked last December 18, 2007. There has been VERY DUBIOUS messages under this specific email address going around about us being stranded in an African country and soliciting money. Please DISREGARD this as it is a HOAX.

We are not sure if we’ll be able to get back to our system but unless we do, please be wary of any messages from [email protected], especially those that involve ASKING FOR MONEY. If it doesn’t concern Manila or walking tours for that matter, then it was probably not sent by us.

Lessons of the Day:

1. Please be wary of your mails, even if its from the same email company as yours.These hackers can be very, very, VERY deceiving with the way they word their email.

2. This can NEVER be overstated but never, never, NEVER give out VITAL INFORMATION to any one or any company apart from those whom you personally know.

3. Sometimes, the simplest reminders are the ones over looked. In the end, they’re the ones who cause the biggest headaches. For those have received the HOAX email and are not sure what it’s all about, please visit our website or drop us a message at [email protected].

Thanks for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience, this is a major stub on our toe and we’re limping at the moment but for sure, WE’RE STILL WALKING….

Ivan Man Dy
Old Manila Walks

P.S. Thank you Anton of Our Awesome Planet for helping disseminate our message. Over the last few days, we have received over 30 text messages and phone calls confirming this HOAX email. Thank you to all those who took time to inform us.