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Kapampangans are proud of their food. I was privileged to give the introduction to Claude Tayag’s Bale Dutung which I regarded as the Best Kapampangan Restaurant in Pampanga. Unlike any other tour, we would like to take our time to enjoy the place. We spent 4 hours slow authentic Kapampangan lunch with Claude & Maryann Tayag.

And just recently, Pampanga is also in the news because of the first governor priest of Pampanga, Among Ed. We invited him to join us because it would be his first time to have lunch @ Bale Dutung and we would like to meet him personally. Also, we offered our help to promote Pampanga as the next tourist destination even better than Tagaytay. Among Ed said that he needs to survive the storm first before he focus on tourism in Pampanga. In the recent 436th anniversary of Pampanga last December 11, not a single one among the Provincial board members, the 21 city/ municipal mayors, and the basketball coach/ vice governor, attended the official celebration. (see ISOLATED, But not ALONE by Manila Boy)

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Claude Tayag never fails to impress me. This time, he has a pritchon dish (oh yes!) that everyone was raved about throughout the entire 4 hours. I personally liked the aroma and clean taste of the Binulong na Manok soup. Alsom I can’t stop raving about Claude’s XO sauce, balo balo (fermented rice with shrimp) and taba ng talangka which he also sells. My personal favorites were Kare Kareng Dagat and the Pritong Hito with Mustasa and Balo Balo. One of our motivations for creating the tour is to be able to go back again and again and eat at Claude Tayag’s Bale Dutung. Brilliant idea indeed! Claude said, for the next trip he would serve us 5 ways of serving Lechon! So be warned to those who would be joining us in our next Pampanga trip, please bring your medicines with you!