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I’m happy that Robinsons Manila Midtown is bringing a new life to the restaurant scene in Malate. One interesting concept is Chefs’ Quarters which offers fine dining at P200-P400 price range.

What do Le Soufflé Restaurant in Makati, French Corner in Alabang, Duo Steakhouse and Wine Bar in Serendra and Chefs’ Quarters in Malate have in common? Answer: the tandem of Larry Cortez and Chef Mauro Arjona. They were pioneers of Le Soufflé, worked with Billy King to setup Voulez Vous now French Corner in Alabang before they decided to setup their own restaurant Duo in Serendra and now, their second restaurant, Chefs’ Quarters in Malate.

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We love the concept of great service, good food at a casual dining atmosphere. We recommend the breakfast menu and they are open as early as 7am. There are plenty of parking spaces in Robinson’s Manila Midtown and we like to hang out here this holiday season to avoid the crowds.

Chefs’ Quarter’s Menu
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Chef's Quarters
“Smile, papa!” said Aidan. This is one of those rare occasions when we would bring syoti with us during our food trip.

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Hot Chocolate in a mug (P100). We love this Belgian Hot Chocolate! You must try this.

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Tessie Tomas Salad “Old Time Favorite” (P295+). A Combination of Roasted Prawn, Marinated Salmon & Shitake Mushroom with Mesclun Salad in French Creamy Balsamic Dressing.

This was described by inquirer in the article Fine Dining on a budget as “A mainstay on the menu and definitely an attention-grabber is the Tessie Tomas Salad, named after the Imeldific’s occasional alter ego.” I would describe it as an ordinary salad with a bit of branding to give an excuse to charge P300+.

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Pan-Fried Salmon Gravad Lachs (P280+). In dill mustard; served with scrambled egg, hash-brown potato and coffee.

The breakfast menu items in Chefs’ Quarters are something to rave about. We were quite impressed by the quality of the salmon, and the way it was cooked.

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Chef’s Quarters Steak (P395 +). 6oz US beef top blade marinated in chef’s special blend with potato vegetable compote and garlic-parsley butter.

Rache loved this steak although I find it a bit oily.

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