Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-5

Mall of Asia complex is already an integral part of Aidan’s childhood memories. Every time we would go out, Aidan would say “go to SM” or “go to Mall of Asia”. I don’t want to sound like an endorser of SM but it is now part of our daily conversation with Aidan.

Another awesome addition in the MOA complex is the Metrostar Ferry Manila Bay Cruise. For P120, you can enjoy a one-hour round trip around Manila Bay. Aidan love boats too so having a one-hour ferry ride was awesome! Most of the Manila Bay cruises have disappeared already when the Manila Baywalk was cleaned up by Mayor Lim.

The Metro Ferry dock is located beside The Shrine of Jesus, The Way, The Truth and the Life (Church across Mall of Asia). I would recommend to take the sunset cruise (5.00pm) or the evening cruise (6.30pm) on Fri/Sat/Sun in time for the MOA fireworks. (I need to check the exact time again because the soft opening departure hours are different from the regular schedule. Please comment if you know the actual schedule.)

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-4
This small Metrostar Ferry dock was originally meant to connect SM Mall of Asia to Cavite City.

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-3
Here is the MOA to Cavite City schedule, in case you are interested.

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-6
During the soft opening, we rode on a small Metro Star Ferry boat. They would use a double decker boat during the regular tours.

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise
We got Aidan in for FREE (for now).

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-7
The cruise is recommended for a gimik with a special someone or for surprising your kid.

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-9
The first thing you would see is the SM Mall of Asia facade. There is a recorded narrator during the tour.

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-10
EXPENSIVE snacks are available on board. But you can bring your own food and drinks. Some even brought their own wines during the one-hour ferry trip.

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-8
SM Mall of Asia view from Manila Bay. The fireworks are usually done in front of SM Mall of Asia.

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-11
Global Fun Carnival Manila Bay View.

The only thing I don’t like about the tour is the foul smell of Manila Bay in certain areas we passed by.

Contact Information:

Manila Bay Daily Cruise (P120, Free for kids below 3ft.)

Soft Opening Schedule: 11.15am | 3.30pm | 5pm | 7pm

Metrostar Ferry, Inc.

Mall of Asia Termina, SM Mall of Asia

Tel No. +632 407-8826 to 27,

Cel No. +63 928 677 4221

Mall of Asia to Cavite (P75/ P60)

Departure: 7:45am | 11am | 3pm | 6.30pm

Arrival: 8.30am | 11.45am | 3.45am | 7.10pm

Cavite to Mall of Asia (P75/ P60)

Departure: 6.30am | 9.30am | 1.30pm | 4.30pm

Arrival: 7.15am | 10.15am | 2.15pm | 5.15pm