The Birth of Baby Joshua Xavier Diaz-37
Finally, Rache gave birth to Baby Joshua Xavier yesterday, November 14, 2007 @ 7.25pm in Makati Medical Center. I’m proud of Rache because she gave birth in a Lamaze way! After 3 push, Baby Josh came out naturally without the swollen look associated with prolonged active labor.

Rache called me at 4pm yesterday and I was in a middle of a couple of meetings. It was totally unexpected because earlier that day, Rache did not mention any contractions. It only started at 3pm and we did not have time to go to Asian Hospital anymore because of the rush hours. I texted Rache that I needed one hour to wrap things up in the office and we agreed to meet in the 4th Floor Delivery Room in Makati Med @ 5pm.

I personally don’t like to give birth in Makati Med but we had no choice. Delivering in Makati Med was like using a desktop PC computer with floppy drives — it is functional and it get things done, but you would not rave about it and you have to be patient with its flaws. In contrast, delivering in Genesis of Asian Hospital was like using a Macintosh with Intel core duo and Leopard OS installed. We gave birth to Aidan in Asian Hospital almost 3 years ago and Makati Med does not come close to that overall birthing experience.

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The 1st family
Baby Aidan born on January 19, 2005 @ Asian Hospital.

Why we love giving birth in Asian Hospital versus Makati Med?
We terribly missed the Genesis birthing rooms in Asian Hospital. The rooms were setup like hotel rooms where it can be converted into a delivery room when needed and all the necessary pedia equipment were available. The huggery was conveniently located nearby. I was allowed to be with Rache in the delivery rooms and with Baby Aidan in the huggery without any hassle. After delivery, we were sent to our rooms immediately and Rache even got a sponge bath. When we checked out, we had a candlelight dinner for two with food courtesy of Makati Skyline. Parking and local phone calls were FREE! We got the best treatment as possible despite their limited staff. This was 3 years ago.

The Birth of Baby Joshua Xavier Diaz-23
Baby Josh born on November 14, 2007 @ Makati Medical Center.

In Makati Med, I had to argue with the staff to let me inside the 4th floor delivery room and I was not lucky to enter the nursery in the 5th floor. We had to move from a delivery room to the operating room, then to a staging recovery room before going to our hospital room. We were told that they would take care of finding an available room for us but I had to follow up myself in the admitting office to get a room. After getting a room, we were waiting for the staff to transfer us to our rooms but if you don’t follow up and remind them, you will be waiting forever. All outgoing calls are charged at P2.00 for the first 3 minutes and P0.50 every minute thereafter. The overnight parking costs P200/ night.

The staff are definitely competent in both hospitals but I think Makati Med has 3x more staff than Asian Hospital. Makati Med was near our office so I was able to wrap up some things in the office conveniently versus if we were in Alabang. Good thing, Makati Med is near Azure Cafe and Cafe-a-gogo so I don’t have to complain about availability of good food.

Check out this photo essay of the Birth of Baby Josh….

The Birth of Baby Joshua Xavier Uy Diaz (a photo essay)

The Birth of Baby Joshua Xavier Diaz-1
Dra. Lilibeth Genuino and resident Dra. Maricar Sy helping Rache cope up with the contractions at 8cm. At this point, the doctors were worried because the baby’s heartbeat was beating fast (>160-170 beats per minute) and Rache’s platelets count were only 100,000 versus the normal 150,000.

The Birth of Baby Joshua Xavier Diaz-4
I was helping Rache to remind her to breathe in and breathe out as Rache long nails were buried in my hands. As she was contracting, I was also screaming in pain but I cannot imagine how it compares with the pain she experienced.

The Birth of Baby Joshua Xavier Diaz-10
Rache continuously requested for an epidural anaesthesia but after 3 push it was not needed anymore. Baby Josh was born on November 14, 2007 @ 7.25pm! Momsy was currently attending mass at that time and prayed for Rache safe and fast delivery.

The Birth of Baby Joshua Xavier Diaz-12
We decided to store Baby Josh umbilical stem cells and we were able to collect 100ml that we sent to Stem Cord Stem Cells Bank.

The Birth of Baby Joshua Xavier Diaz-14
Dra. Vienne Saulog, Aidan’s pedia, was already there to take care of Baby Josh who scored 9.9 in the Apgar score.

The Birth of Baby Joshua Xavier Diaz-27
Baby Josh weighs 7 lbs and 12 ozs and measures 52 cm/ 20.472 inches.

The Birth of Baby Joshua Xavier Diaz-32
Baby Josh’s first visitors were my brother Rommel and my parents, Momsy and Popsy. Thanks to my brother Rommel for giving me a digital SLR camera (which we forgot to bring) in time for Baby Josh delivery.

The Birth of Baby Joshua Xavier Diaz-29
Large Private Room @ Makati Medical which costs P2,400 per night. It has a refrigerator and bigger by 3 sq meters versus the Small Private Rooms.

The Birth of Baby Joshua Xavier Diaz-47
We decided to have Baby Josh circumscized similar to Aidan – binatang Baby!

The Birth of Baby Joshua Xavier Diaz-39
Finally, we love our OB, Dra. Lilibeth Genuino! Thank you so much for helping us with the successful Lamaze delivery!!


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