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John and Yoko is now celebrating its first month of operation at Greenbelt 5. I’m excited to try it out ever since Greenbelt 5 opened. My excitement led to high expectations which were not met when I found out that it was just an upscale version of SumoSam (by Marvin Agustin and business partners). Essentially, it is SumoSam in Greenbelt 5 with additional menu choices (pizzas,etc..), brilliant branding, snazzy interiors and sexy servers. I liked the Japanese movie projected on the wall which adds “authenticity” to its Japanese inspired Filipino Food.

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The John and Yoko concept is very good. In reality, John and Yoko is a Filipino Restaurant pretending to be a Cosmopolitan Japanese place. The head chef is Filipino. If I were to describe John and Yoko, it would be: SumoSam + Omakase + Teriyaki Boy + Snazzy Interiors + Sexy Servers = John and Yoko.

I liked the food because it was suited for the Filipino sweet taste buds. But we hate paying for over-priced food. It would be a good place to have a birthday treat or barkada blowout. I would recommend that you go with family and friends because it would be expensive if you eat only with 2-3 people. Expect to pay P500/ head.

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The John and Yoko menu is a photo album of its food selections. There are no descriptions just photos and captions. The photos are enticing but some of them can be deceiving.

John and Yoko | Japanese Salads on the Sunset Strip | Ginza Tapas and Big City Teasers 1 | Ginza Tapas and Big City Teasers 2 | Soho Sushi and Broadway Rolls 1 | Soho Sushi and Broadway Rolls 2 | Rockin Ramen and Noodles of Immortality 1 | Rockin Ramen and Noodles of Immortality 2 | Soups in the City | Wagyu Packing District | Our Theory on Tempura and Teppanyaki 1| Our Theory on Tempura and Teppanyaki 2 | Steak of the Nation and Yakitori Republic | From the Deep Blue Sea |A Nation of Blowouts | Big City Bowls | The Sun Rises in the East | Too Hot to Handle and Too Cold to Hold | Brain Freeze Time

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Sunset Prawn Salad (P 269 +SC) This is a 300 peso salad with only two shrimps, chopped to look like it was more than 2 pieces with a few vegetables on big plates. Learning: Don’t order that salad.

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Tofu Cheese Melt (P158 +SC). This should be described as Fried Tofu with melted Chiz Wiz and bacon.

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Crunchy Squid Teriyaki (P138 +SC). We enjoyed the crunchiness of this squid appetizer. I would order this the next time around.

John and Yoko-29
Beef Teppan (P289 +SC). We resisted ordering the Wagyu because it would only taste like Beef Teppan.

John and Yoko-30
Wagyu Rice (P289 +SC). We fell for this wagyu trap. For a small bowl of rice and a little bit of Wagyu (which you cannot tell the difference between ordinary beef), you pay an overpriced fee of P300. Good for one person. Learning: If you plan to eat Wagyu, don’t eat in places like these…

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The kitchen has poor ventilation. Expect to smell when you get out of the restaurant.

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John and Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese
2nd Floor Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St., Legaspi Village Makati, Metro Manila
Telephone: +632 729-8698


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