Hooters in Manila? Yes/No. The Hooters Sports Bar & Restaurant that opened in Pasay City along Diosdado Macapagal was just trying to be funny. It tries to capitalize on the Hooters name until the real Hooters opens in the Fort by year 2008.

HOOTERS, the American restaurant made famous by its buxomy beautiful babes, will be opening its first outlet in the Philippines at The Fort entertainment strip in Taguig City. This was confirmed by Kaz Endo, managing director and partner of Paradise Wings Llp., a Guam-based company which owns the Hooters franchise for Guam and Asia, including the Philippines…construction is ongoing at the restaurant, which will open its doors to the public by February 2008. ” (Coming soon at The Fort: the Hooters By Ma. Stella F. Arnaldo BusinessMirror)


Spanx, Manila Boy is very excited in his blog post: HOOTERS!!! which represent the sentiments of most Filipino men:

“The CHICKEN WINGS will make me very happy. I mean, really… just the wings!!!

I’m not sure if Market Manila is equally excited to hear that the Hooter’s Buffalo Chicken Wings will now be available in Manila! Manila’s restaurant scene is getting hotter. I will bet that Hooters Manila will be a lot better than the Hooters Singapore version.

I am excited, are you?