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After 2 years of travelling in China, Euro Star Carnival is back in town with more rides for the kids and more attractions. It is rebranded as Global Fun Carnival and located beside Mall of Asia. Global Fun Carnival is now targetted for the entire family with adult thrill rides from Europe and with the kids ride proudly made in the Philippines. For those who missed this carnival two years ago, the carnival will be open to entertain the Filipino family until January 15, 2008.

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I was invited to feature Global Fun Carnival and I did not waste any moment in accepting it. I knew it would be awesome since this is the same Eurostar Carnival that was at the Fort . The owners of the carnival are the same people who run Kidz Republic in Mall of Asia; and they are bringing in Barney show this December. I invited my brother to take some fun shots and of course, I surprised Aidan by bringing him to the Carnival. Rache joined us last Tuesday night and apparently, syoti Josh wanted to join us too — so he waited one more day before coming out the very next day.

Global Fun Carnival-35

We would always have a surprise or magic for Aidan. Everytime we go out, if he was a good boy, we would surprise him with a fun kid’s place or a new place to cha cha (to eat). After each surprise, we would sing “If you’re happy and you know it, you clap your hands (or stomp your feet)” and if he claps his hands we know that he was happy with our surprise.

I would like to share with you this Definitive Guide to the Global Fun Carnival so that you can plan and have an awesome time in this Carnival. Enjoy! Please let me know if you have comments or further add to this guide…

Definitive Guide to the Global Fun Carnival, Mall of Asia

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Admissions | About the Company | Rules and Regulations | Official Promos

10 Tips to have an awesome time in Global Fun Carnival
1. Always bring your SM Advantage card, Prestige or BDO Rewards Card which entitles you to a P50 off ride-all-you-can ticket. This is only applicable for the cardholder. Another promo is to just buy P500 worth of goods from SM Mall of Asia establishments to avail P50 off.
2. Check for the weather forecast to ensure that rain won’t spoil your fun time.
3. Save up for your carnival trip about P500/head. It costs P250 (Mon-Thurs) or P300 (Weekends and in December) which excludes the attractions (P60 each), the inflatables, and food.
4. You are not allowed to bring food and drinks inside. Some families would bring food in the car and eat in the parking lot. Don’t eat a full meal before going to the carnival.
5. The best time to go is from Mondays to Thursdays to avoid the mad crowd.
6. All the rides are operational except for the Booster which is being repaired.
7. On weekdays, it closes at 11pm promptly so 30 minutes before they would start to close down the rides and attractions.
8. They originally planned to bring in the Transformers but they had a dispute with the cost of the rides. So instead, they are bringing in the Land of the Giants in December.
9. For ticket inquiries, group sales and reservations, call 401 4741 to 43.
10. For photographers, bring your tripod and be there before the sun sets at 5pm onwards or during Friday-Sunday at 7pm in time for the SM MOA fireworks.

For the Brave Ones – Adult Thrill Rides

Global Fun Carnival-5
Wave Swinger – This is similar to the swing ride in Enchanted Kingdom but a little bit scary. It is a good first ride since it is conveniently located in the center as you enter the main entrance.

Global Fun Carnival-29 Global Fun Carnival-63
Ranger – It goes around 3 times and then the capsule stops on top with you hanging upside down for about 5 seconds then for the last hurrah, it goes around for another 3 rounds. Welcome back Ranger!!

Global Fun Carnival-76
Flipper — The ultimate ride if you want to get dizzy. I’m not a fan of this ride.

Global Fun Carnival-44
G-Force. There are only 2 seats on each end and it goes around using gravity. This ride can hurl you all the way into Manila Bay! Whee!

Global Fun Carnival-24
Booster. Unfortunately, the booster was destroyed when a tornado hit China. There are only 2 booster rides in the world. One of them lies at the back of the carnival and they are trying to repair it. (See the booster in action)

For the Kids and Kids @ Heart – Family and Children’s Rides

Global Fun Carnival-57
Europa Giant Wheel. Riding this gives you a fantastic view of Manila Bay and Mall of Asia. Aidan was not afraid to join me in this ride.

Global Fun Carnival-32
Bumper Car. Kids were allowed in this ride so I was hoping to teach Aidan how to drive. Aidan didn’t like to get bumped around so no second round for this one.

Global Fun Carnival-55
Carousel. 2-Storey Carousel Ride which is one of the main attraction for the kids.

Global Fun Carnival-13
Kids having fun time at the carousel.

Global Fun Carnival-68
Spaceship Ride. Is this Mazinger Z Grandizer or one of those anime robots? Aidan had to hang on because this ride kinda jerking up and down that made me wonder if Aidan liked this on or can’t wait for the ride to be over.

Global Fun Carnival-46
Mini Wave Swinger – I’m glad they created this for the kids! Even Enchanted Kingdom does not have this kind of ride.

Global Fun Carnival-79
Convoy. Cars connected together like trains and running around a rail road track.

Global Fun Carnival-17
Mini-Octopus. Awesome Boat Ride for Kids!

Global Fun Carnival-81
Telecombat. Are you ready to fight?

Global Fun Carnival-87
Big Slide Inflatables. Priceless Happiness….

Global Fun Carnival-78
Mini Roller Coaster. Every carnival needs to have a roller coaster.

Global Fun Carnival-82
Flume – ala Log Jam of Enchanted Kingdom.

Attractions For the “Carnival Date”
So far there are 5 attractions that you have to pay separately P60/each. The horror attractions relive the Big Bang sa Alabang days where you go into a horror house and somebody would scare you. You have to try one specially if you are on a date. This was an old trick where you bring your date to a horror place and she would seek the protection of your arms from the scary elements. Ha-ha!

Global Fun Carnival-49
Mortuary. You just need to try one and the scariest of them all is the Mortuary. Somebody would chase you as you leave so make sure that you are in the middle of the group.

Global Fun Carnival-38
The Temple. This is the same as the mortuary where somebody would chase you as you exit.

Global Fun Carnival-72
The Lost Pharoah. I like the egyptian design theme of this attraction. Similar to the temple and mortuary, somebody would chase as you exit.

Global Fun Carnival-67
Jurrasic Park. This is a horror obstacle course which we thought was for kids but Aidan got scared (so we don’t recommend it for kids his age). We requested not to do the surprise acts since the surroundings itself was already scary for Aidan.

Global Fun Carnival-69
Carribean Pirates. This is a horror obstacle course where nobody chases you because of the elaborate cabin setup inside. We took some pictures below to give you an idea what is inside these attractions.

Global Fun Carnival-74
They used a lot of these uneven floors technique and nets with scary mask/ people.

Global Fun Carnival-73
Here is a sample of the scary displays inside Carribean Pirates.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Global Fun Carnival!


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