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Finally, Toast Box opens in Manila! I’m so excited because ever since My Kaya Addiction post a year ago, I have been waiting for these Kaya chains from Singapore to open here in Manila. Toast Box is a sister company of Bread Talk and their first store opens in Trinoma in the Main Lobby (beside Gourdo’s). I think they just opened last September 1 in Trinoma and the second branch will be in Robinsons Manila.

This is definitely something worth driving all the way to Trinoma. Congratulations to Trinoma for their grand opening today! It is a lot better now but still as crowded as Mall of Asia on a weekend or public holiday. You just have to put up with the crazy parking design.

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I liked the Toast Box kaya toast because of its different flavors like the honey kaya. Ya Kun Kaya Toast is the most popular one in Singapore and I wonder if they will open here. Can you see the mountain of butter they use for the kaya toast?

Drinks and Main Dishes | Toast Box Set

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We had a mistake of having Aidan to drink coffee. He almost finished one cup of kopi.

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I can’t distinguish the difference between Toast Box’s kaya and Kopi Roti’s Kaya toast. One good thing about Toast box is that there are other available items aside from the kaya in the menu. I still love kaya toast but I think I’m over the addiction. I don’t crave for it anymore.

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I’m not used to eating soft boiled eggs like this.

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Mee Siam was my top 7 in this post: [Singapore #1] Makan Food Trip – My Top 10 Favorites!. It is a sweet and spicy noodle soup with a tangy taste from the kalamansi. It is like eating palabok with soup that taste like tom yung. BTW, they also serve Laksa and they run out of it when we ordered.

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Toasted Bread with Pork Crumbs. This is one of the popular breads in bread talk.

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I remembered Anton Lim for giving me some of these Toast Box kaya treats a year ago. I’m glad they are now available in Manila.