Sala-mat Night-19

As we bid goodbye to Lumiere, we welcome Sala to Makati which replaced Lumiere in its Locsin Bldg location. Most Filipinos think that the move of Sala from Malate to Makati marks the death of Malate as a happening place. Sala was the longest running fine dining restaurant in Malate. The death of Malate would be a blog topic I would like to discuss in a separate post (let me know if you have opinions on this) .

Sala opens two restaurant in Makati. The fine dining restaurant is located in the Locsin Bldg near PLDT along Makati Ave. while the Sala Bistro will open soon at Greenbelt in the former location of Global Cafe. I can’t wait for the Bistro to open because this is where they will have their Sunday Champagne Jazz Brunch.

Swiss Chef Colin Mackay runs the fine dining restaurant with a few partners. They are only open for lunch and dinner on weekdays and only dinner on Saturdays. The menu changes occasionally based on the available freshest ingredients:

Sala Main Menu (Changes Occasionally)
Wine List Page 1 and Page 2
After Dinner… a few single malts
Dessert Menu
Executive Lunch Menu

Sala-mat Night-2

We celebrated Rache’s birthday last October 1 in Sala. Be prepared with a budget of P1,000/ head for food and a few more for wine. When we arrived, we saw a lot of foreigners and the place was full on a Monday night. We told Aidan to behave because some people don’t appreciate children running around in a fine dining restaurant. It was a special night for a special lady, so Sala was a special place to celebrate it.

The only thing with Sala is that the place is “cold”. You don’t get the warm welcome feeling from a fine dining restaurant. I told them that we are celebrating my wife’s birthday and they don’t even give anything special for it. Not even a candle for our dessert. The prices seemed to be high intentionally to screen out people who cannot afford from the people who belongs to their target market. Maybe that is why my food shots were uninspired and a little pinkish violet….

Sala-mat Night-3
The meal starts with a carbo loading of breads served on a tray by the nice waiters.

Sala-mat Night-6
They served us a free Mozzarella Balls Appetizer, one for each person. (I’m happy it is free, or are we already paying for it from the price of the main courses 🙂

Sala-mat Night-9
Rosemary grilled Angus beef bistro fillet, horseradish potato cake, fine beans and grain mustard jus (P960++)

My dad loves steaks and this was a satisfying order for him. The serving was quite huge and you can share it for two people. I wouldn’t go to Sala just for the steak though…

Sala-mat Night-7
Grilled Salmon (P820++). This was part of the Specials for the night. It is not the creamy version that we often like. The salmon meat is bland but juicy.

Sala-mat Night-10
Grilled lamb Tenderloins with sweet white onion risotto grilled asparagus and salsa verde (P890++).

This was Rache’s choice and it is not also something to rave about. I would have to commend Sala for the fantastic food presentation.

Sala-mat Night-11
Spice crusted grilled tuna steak with a roast vegetable salad, herbs and lemon saffron dressing (P820++).

When my spicy tuna steak arrived, I was jumping with joy because of the huge slices of Tuna. I like the way they cut the fish meat, but it is bland like any other dish. My hypothesis is that the food is targeted towards international taste buds rather than the Filipinos.

Sala-mat Night-8
Roast fillet of black cod with chorizo scented Puy lentils, sweet peppers and celeniac mash (P890++)

We loved this!! The black cod was tasty all the way to the last piece of meat. We liked the salma mash with beans inside it. I would definitely go back just for this.

Sala-mat Night-15
Mango and passion fruit pavlova (P290++). We loved anything with meringue and this combination with Mango and passion fruit was interesting.

Sala-mat Night-14
Bitter Chocolate and Orange mousse, white chocolate tiramisu and a rich chocolate ice-cream with brandy snaps (P460++)

Only the rich chocolate ice-cream is worth raving about. Aidan knows how to choose the right dessert.

Sala-mat Night-18

Reservations 750 1555
Podium Level Locsin Bldg.
Makati Avenue coner Ayala Avenue
Makati City.