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Ever since Sonja created the Cupcake Craze in the Philippines, we’ve seen almost all bakers creating their own cupcake version. Just check out the Baker’s Fair in Rockwell, and you’ll be overwhelmed with the cupcake varieties to choose from. I would have to agree with Lori’s description of Yumi Castillo’s Piece of Cake, Gourmet Cupcakes in her article, Cupcakes in the Courtroom.

Most of the cupcakes I tasted during the September Baker’s Fair were dependent on the icing to bring about the flavor of the cupcake, but not Yumi’s Cupcakes. We liked the cupcake itself because it was moist and because of its inherent flavor.

We just hate it when we put the pastries in the refrigerator, it would harden and then it won’t go back to its original form/taste when eaten at room temperature, but not Yumi’s cupcakes.

It was great that she got featured in Yummy’s November issue in the Meet the Bakers article where she shared the recipe of Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake. Well deserved feature! Clap Clap!

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The mini-Cupcakes were our favorite! You can’t resist these small pieces of cupcake heaven. But just a warning, once you’ve tried one, you won’t stop until you finish all of them.

For the mini cupcakes, it’s Php360 for 24 pcs (minimum order). You can choose max of 6 assorted frostings either on a set of white vanilla cupcakes or on a set of dark chocolate cupcakes.

The frostings to choose from are as follows: java chip | dark chocolate | white chocolate | orange mocha | caramel | chocolate valencia | Nutella | Lemon | Baileys | Peanutbutter | Strawberry

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Piece of Cake by Yumi Castrillo
Gourmet Cupcakes | Minimum order: 12 pieces (1 dozen) | Piece of Cupcake Flyer | Order at least 3 days in advance | Keeps fresh refrigerated for 5 days | Serve at Room Temperature | Cupcake towers, personalized cupcakes, and single cupcakes available for parties and events.

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