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So after trying Five Cows and Toast Box in Trinoma, I would suggest that you try out Sizzling Pepper Steak! This is a fun restaurant inspired by Pepper Lunch in Singapore (or was it a rip off? check out Nina’s post). The restaurant visionary behind Peri Peri Chicken and Tokyo Cafe in MOA (which we love), opened the first branch of Sizzling Pepper Steak in Trinoma. The resto uses a cow icon that resembles Teriyaki Boy.

Trinoma is huge and navigating your way around the mall could be a challenge. When you see La Maison, go down one more level and you should see Sizzling Pepper Steak along the rows of restaurant in level M1. You got to try it.

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The best sellers in the house are the Hamburg Steak and the Sizzling Pepper Rice. What makes the restaurant unique is the “expediently fast patented hot plate system” for cooking the meat. It uses an oval sizzling plate for cooking the meat on the spot. We liked the pepper rice variation but find the hamburger steak ordinary. I was surprised that the meat of the hamburger was still soft even if I overcooked one side of the meat.

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“The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak is a unique concept that delightfully offers sizzling steaks on the “patented” hot plate system that prepares and serves delicious steaks within 5 minutes! The hot plate is an integral part of the formula of “Pepper Steak” which aims to serve expediently fast and keep food hot for 20 long minutes, allowing the full satisfaction to enjoy a flavorful meal up to the last bite”

Despite the cool exhaust on top of the tables, you’ll still smell like the steak when you get out of the restaurant.

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Beef Pepper Rice (P165). Thinly sliced beef, seasoned with cracked pepper, garlic butter with teriyaki sauce.

It definitely looks appetizing and I liked the way it was served a little raw so that you enjoy the meat at the moment it is cooked.

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Step 1. Cook the steak on both sides while spreading butter on it if you prefer.

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Step 2. Mix It! Put the meat on top of the rice and mix it. The rice is a delectable combination of garlic butter, roasted pepper and teriyaki sauce in the middle of the plate.

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Step 3. Be generous with your sauce as your taste allows, a choice of teriyaki sauce or sizzling steak sauce. I prefered the combination of the two sauce.

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Salad Hamburg Steak (P145). Hamburg topped with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise in teriyaki sauce.

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I forgot to turn the hamburger immediately so I kinda burned the one side of the burger.

Ok. I’m now hungry to go back to Trinoma!

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The Sizzlin Pepper Steak

Level M1 Trinoma Mall, Edsa corner North Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines
Telefax: +632 916 7040
Cel: +63 910 6626443
email: [email protected]