Science and Discovery Center, MOA-42.jpg
If you think level 1 is cool, you should check out the Robotics section in level 2! I liked the focus of Level 2 on our environment and this is where I want to bring Aidan every time. I like him to be environmentally conscious when he grows up.

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Thanks to the futuristic staff of SM Science and Discovery Center!! They are very friendly and they helped me take care of Aidan.

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Level 2 Map Bigger Size

Virtual Reef
More than just a natural resource, find out why our sea are worth saving and why its beauty is considered one of the best in the world. Experience life underwater and befriend a digitized member of the deep-sea community – Mr. T!

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-26.jpg
I loved the recreation of this reef virtually and I think the setup works.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-30.jpg
The star of virtual reef is the talking Titan fish from Verde Island called Mr. T!

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-31.jpg
You can ask Mr. T about anything about his life in the sea. So think about the question you have been dying to ask a fish…

Robot Inc
No longer exclusive to the silverscreen or to our imaginations and sci-fi novels, robots are now within our everyday human reach, and the ones who have gone down in history are honored in the gallery’s Wall of Fame.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-33.jpg
You can play Robot Wars in this interactive battle.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-35.jpgScience and Discovery Center, MOA-36.jpgScience and Discovery Center, MOA-38.jpg
Robot Inc’s Gallery Wall of Fame – Can you identify them?

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-37.jpg
Of course, our generations beloved Astroboy. I missed a photo opportunity here where I should have ask Aidan to mimic Astroboy’s pose.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-40.jpg
The robotics gallery won’t be complete without R2 D2. I’m sure Aidan don’t have a clue who these robots are.

City Science
Discover what makes the city you live in tick, with its models of architectural wonders to have broken the barriers of height and technical innovation. Experience also the earthquake simulator platform, which demonstrates how tremors affect buildings.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-43.jpg
At this point of Aidan’s age, I think this would be considered boring for now.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-49.jpg
Why is it that the Philippines doesn’t have one of the world’s tallest building? Maybe, this is something Mr. Sy can consider putting up to show the world what Filipinos can do.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-44.jpg
This is the platform that can simulate an intensity 4 earthquake! Aidan be careful!

Lego Mindstorm Robotic Center
By building and programming robots in a step-by-step learning process, you get to put your knowledge into practice, challenging both skill and imagination. Lego Mindstorm lets you build and program robots to do what you want.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-25.jpg
They hold robotics learning session for P395 which includes entrance to the discovery center except for the Planetarium show.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-46.jpg
Here is a closer look of the robotics class. Now, this is something the MEM class of DLSU would be proud of.

Life Clock
A two-level futuristic structure, Life Clock features The Time Capsule – a computer console that lets you send e-mail messages to the future, making you receive mail in 2008 that you sent in 2007!

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-47.jpg
This is awesome if they can send the messages after a year or so. Don’t forget to send a love letter in the future!

Spaceship Earth
Literally treating the planet as an advanced organic ship in which we all have parts to play, Spaceship Earth gives us a tour around the current condition of the massive vehicle called Earth that we all operate in our own little way.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-45.jpg
Interesting environmental show that you shouldn’t miss.