Pension Plan Presentation-2.jpg
The LT team dancing to the tune of Fame.

Every year, P&G Philippines has this unique tradition of celebrating how successful our pension plan fund is. (I know it is kinda weird). This is the biggest celebration in our company which is held around September. It is bigger than Christmas because this is the only time we have a joint celebration with the plant, the shared service center, and the sales and marketing organization. One of our pride as P&Gers, is to retire in P&G and this night also serves as a venue for honoring the retirees.

Every pension plan celebration night, there is an inter-department competition on the best musical presentation given a particular theme. This year’s theme was 80’s Ballroom Dancing. For the first time in the Pension Plan celebration history, the leadership team of the company presented in the Pension Plan. Thanks to Direk Mel Soriano and team for creating a memorable fun presentation (that we won’t forget and won’t happen again 🙂

We really had fun with this presentation. I wanted to capture that joy and share it with you (even if this post is kinda personal). Here is a glimpse of the LT presentation.

Pension Plan Presentation-6.jpg
Our boss Jim Lafferty was flying through the air in this graceful solo performance.

Pension Plan Presentation-10.jpg
A decent attempt of a High School musical performance where each person will show the pom-poms one after another to create a wave effect.

Pension Plan Presentation-4.jpg
Pauline, our media manager, was the only female in the team so we had to improvise and make our Corporate Lawyer, Junie and Shared Service Center manager, Patrick be in female roles.

Pension Plan Presentation-9.jpg
I was in front together with Pauline as we danced our last High School musical sequence.

Pension Plan Presentation-11.jpg
The star of the night was the beautiful Miss China, Patricia.

It was indeed a greatest of all time performance from the leadership team. We were a 3rd placer for this! Congrats!